How Having a Tattoo Can Help You Get a Date

How Having a Tattoo Can Help You Get a Date

Putting color in the skin isn’t anything new. People have been doing it for ages. Yet, tattoo trends change with time.Tattoos were onceconsidered taboo.Now almost everybody has at least a tiny tattoo. Men, women, teenagers, elderly people, everybody is getting inked. But does that affect one’s hotness? Are singles with tattoos more likely to get dates? Keep reading, and you’ll get the answers to those and some other burning questions.

Tattoos Make You More Attractive

More and more people are walking around with ink on their skin. But getting (good) tattoos aren’t cheap. Most people can’t afford it, so having a big tattoo or more of them is a status symbol today. As with every other status symbol, tattoos make people more attractive. Of course, the tattoo still has to be good. One needs to pick a good spot and know to wear the tattoo with confidence. But the bottom line is clear. Having tattoos makes you more attractive. Or at least, attract more attention, which is almost the same in the end. Look at that as peacock tail feathers. Those with big, beautiful tails get attention from females because that’s a status symbol in their world. Those without can get lucky, but having something that symbolizes power helps.

It’s necessary to know the difference between attractive only for a hookup and soulmate attractive. We’ll get to the connection between long-term dating and tattoos. For now, let’s stick to casual dating. Just looking at profile pictures on the one-night stand site makes it clear – tattoos aren’t only popular but also attractive. People wouldn’t put them in the center of attention otherwise. On quality matchmaking platforms, there’s even a filter that lets members browse other people based on whether they have tattoos or not. It’s similar on other hookup sites, so having tattoos boosts the chances of getting one-night stands.

Does Having a Tattoo Increase Chances of Getting Dates?

Having a piece of art on your skin makes you more attractive. But let’s talk about positions for that art and how that affects hotness. A tattoo can be used to attract glances to strategic body parts. That directly increases the chances of getting a date. Women’stattoo under the breasts will spark the curiosity of every guy who sees it. Not only on the beach but on social media and dating sites too. But again, we’re speaking of the raw physical attraction. It’s time to look at how ink affects one’s chances to start meaningful relationships. We’ll focus on men because scientists did the same, and men are simpler to seduce than women.

Andrzej Galbarczyk and Anna Ziomkiewicz did research to find out if women prefer men with tattoos more. Guys were included in the study as well. Scientists showed nine guys to volunteers. None of them had tattoos, but then professionals made them temporary tattoos, and volunteers had to look again. They were asked if guys without tattoos look more attractive than guys with tattoos if they seem healthier, more masculine, and aggressive.

Results were surprising because tattoos had no direct effect on attractiveness. Women agreed that tattooed guys look healthier than those without tattoos, though. The reason for that may be hidden in evolution. In the past, only the strongest and healthiest guys could wear tattoos. The process of getting them was more painful, so it was another proof of their masculinity. Today getting a tattoo is safe (if done right), so the ink isn’t a symbol of physical dominance. At least not that much.

While men rated other men as more attractive with tattoos. It turns out that men see competition for the attention of women from those with permanent ink art on their bodies.

Both male and female volunteers said that guys with tattoos appear more aggressive and masculine. Even though that may seem like a good thing, there are cases when that’s not so useful. Women said that they think guys without tattoos would be better fathers and husbands material. The reason – fewer tattoos, less aggressiveness. And that’s what every woman wants from a serious partner.

How to Use Your Tattoo to Hook Up

But, there’s a difference between the types of guys women want to make them babies and the guys they look for just to hook up. Women prefer having one-night stands with fit guys with masculine and aggressive auras.

That means showing your tattoos will help you seduce girls seeking fun both online and offline. If you’re like most other people, you tattooed a body part that already looked good. The same as girls use under breast or ankle tattoos to grab attention; you use arm or abs tattoos. Don’t look desperate to present yourself because no one thinks desperation is hot. Include your favorite tattoo in profile photos on dating sites, but don’t force them.

Tattoos have been part of human culture since the dawn of civilization. Some things they symbolize are cut deep into our brains. And some things tattoos represent are different for every generation. In the end, even if a tattoo may not be of good use while seeking a soulmate in one’s opinion, it helps to meet partners for casual dates.

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