XXXTentacion Tattoos

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, better known as XXXTentacion, was an inspirational rapper who touched the lives of millions worldwide. Tragically, he passed away in June 2018. XXXTentacion had numerous tattoos throughout his brief life that commemorated his struggle with mental health issues and depression. These tattoos serve as a lasting reminder of his unique art form.

1. WRAC (Wing Ridden Angel Cinthia)

The WRAC (Wing Ridden Angel Cinthia) tattoo is X’s tribute to a girl he felt was too good for him yet remained with him throughout his life. It also refers to the title of his song, “”Wing Ridden Ange, ” about this girl.

2. VR (Very Rare)

XXXTentacion had a few striking tattoos, such as two angel wings that look almost identical to those adorning his forearm. Men often opt for a wing-ridden angel tattoo to symbolize faith, protection, and freedom. Additionally, it serves to commemorate a lost loved one. Some choose this tattoo as a reminder to be by their loved ones’ side during hardship. Others get it as a tribute to an inspirational figure in their lives.

3. Aiden

XXXTentacion had an iconic ’17’ tattoo on his forehead, symbolizing both the 17 days he lived and his first album that reached number 2 on the US Billboard 200. Among his other tattoos, he had a broken heart on his upper left cheekbone, representing his intense bond with his mother. In addition, he had a tattoo on his right inner forearm honoring Aiden, matching his ‘Cleopatra’ tattoo. These tattoos hold special significance in XXXTentacion’s heart.

4. Bad Vibes

XXXTentacion proudly displayed the “Bad Vibes” tattoo on his eyes to commemorate the release of his fourth and final album. This tattoo serves as a reminder that even when it may be challenging to stay positive, bad vibes are inevitable. He also had an ankh cross on his chest, symbolizing life, and a transmutation circle on his right palm, representing his interest in pseudoscience. Additionally, several lines were drawn on his nose, suggesting failed relationships and his struggle with depression.

5. Transmutation Circle

One of XXXTentacion’s tattoos was a transmutation circle inspired by the manga series “Fullmetal Alchemist.” This circle symbolizes change and represents the Elric Brothers’ power. Another tattoo he had was a broken heart on his upper left cheek, telling the heartache he experienced throughout his life. His final tattoo reads “DEAD” on his hand, which could signify his misery and hardships.