Bluebird of Happiness Tattoos

Bluebird tattoos have long been associated with positive associations of happiness, peace, love, renewal, and, tune. Since ancient times, the mythological bird has been seen as an encouraging sign. If you spot one in your life, take it as an omen that good things are coming!


This stunning watercolor version of the Bluebird of happiness tattoo is ideal for women looking for a light and whimsical design. While this tattoo can be placed anywhere on their bodies, it looks especially striking on shoulders, ankles, or fingers.

The Kingfisher Bird

The Kingfisher Bird is both a beautiful and skilled hunter. As a monogamous species, meaning it loves and stays loyal to only one partner at any time, this tattoo design could be perfect for couples wanting to show affection and commitment to each other.

Tattooing “Hope” with Semicolons

Tattooing “Hope” with semicolons is an excellent way to bring awareness and hope about mental illness and depression, encouraging individuals not to give up fighting despite all odds, knowing there will always be hope. Selena Gomez recently got this tattoo on her wrist to encourage her fans to remain strong.


A bluebird tattoo symbolizes hope and renewal while simultaneously representing love and fidelity. Some tribes also view it as an animal totem; these birds can help people find true love and recover lost hopes and dreams. Tattoos often symbolize positivity and joy, with birds representing optimism with their vibrant feathers. Additionally, this tattoo can represent freedom and independence and remind us to cherish those closest to us in life.


Tattoos featuring doves as versions of bluebirds can make an excellent symbol of love and peace; their sweet songs create an uplifting, happy environment. Bluebirds are monogamous creatures who stay with one partner until death separates them. Turtledoves have long been seen as symbols of new beginnings as they lay their eggs each spring, signaling new life to people when times are hard. Furthermore, these creatures have long been held up as symbols of hope in cultures worldwide, held as icons representing happiness, hope, healing, renewal, love, and renewal.

Feather Designs

Tattoos featuring feather designs are another popular bird design choice, particularly among those interested in freedom and travel. A feather can often be combined with a lifeline, symbolizing our significance to each other and reminding us to cherish every moment we have here on Earth.


Culture-wide, the bluebird has long been associated with happiness. It represents spirituality and purity, while this geometric bluebird tattoo incorporates flowers into its design to symbolize beauty, luck, and hope.


Swallows have long been an evocative symbol for sailors, symbolizing homecoming and spring renewal. This realistic tattoo depicts these gorgeous birds with wings spread, ready to take flight. Perfect for both men and women, this is an ideal way to commemorate a loved one who has embarked upon their journey.


Crows often represent positive and negative aspects of society; this striking black tattoo combines them to symbolize life’s preciousness and remind people to remain strong and never give up. It’s an inspirational way to stay strong!


This version of a bluebird tattoo is popular as it symbolizes happiness and joy, with its vibrant colors representing hope in winter’s darker days. As The Dalai Lama once said: ‘Find hope in darkness; focus on its bright side.” The bluebird is also a symbol of intuition and communication with spirit guides, making it an excellent character to have when feeling lost or seeking guidance. If you want to add meaning to your tattoo, consider including flowers, such as roses or lilies, as they symbolize love, purity, and remembrance. Furthermore, these symbols can represent those we’ve lost while providing a meaningful way to commemorate their lives and keep their memories alive.

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