Brave, Stronger, Smarter Tattoo Ideas

As text-based tattoos have become more mainstream, celebrities like Megan Fox and Danielle Lineker have increasingly popular text Tattoos featuring defiant rallying cries or knowing sayings such as those by Shakespeare inked onto their bodies. Unfortunately, not everyone can fit such lengthy quotes into their tattoos.

Wild Heart

Take control of your animalistic intuition and fearlessness with this tattoo depicting an antimony symbol affixed to the forehead of a panther, representing “a prayer for those held captive within cages.” It reminds you to follow your soul’s callings.

Wild Heart Tattoo was established in 2014 as a tattoo studio in Ludhiana. Customers rave about its artistic skills and designs; their studio is conveniently situated at MAIN MARKET to serve customers from across Ludhiana. At Wild Heart, clients receive quality Tattoos at competitive rates.

Don’t Stop Believing

At times when life can seem hopeless and dark, seeking solace from rock music may seem odd, yet Journey’s hit single should provide us with much-needed hope and positivity. The band’s lyrics encourage people to hold onto “that feeling.” This can be understood as optimism about an optimistic future that lies beyond current circumstances, even if that future remains unclear. It remains worth exploring.

Jonathan Cain wrote this song based on his father’s advice when living on Sunset Boulevard and trying to make ends meet. Cain credits his success to having something the world needs: never stop believing, and you will eventually see your name in the lights. That advice continues to work for Cain, who still carries it today.

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