How to Wash Off Tattoos

Having a tattoo can be fun. It would help if you cleaned it regularly but gently.

Avoid rubbing your tattoo too hard. This can make your skin red and swollen. Instead, try to remove the ink. This will help your body get rid of it more easily.

1. Baby Oil

Oil is good for removing tattoos. It can dissolve temporary tattoos. It also helps dry skin and soothes the cradle cap.

Traditional baby oils have mineral oil. But now there are natural options like coconut or jojoba oils.

Use a cotton ball soaked in oil to rub the tattoo gently for 30 to 1 minute. Then use hand sanitizer to break down the tattoo. This should make tattoo removal easy and painless.

2. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is another good option. The acetone in it can quickly remove tattoos.

You can also use hand sanitizer to remove nail polish from tattoos. Just wet a cotton swab with it and rub your tattoo.

Plain mouthwash is another choice. It can remove temporary tattoos and kill germs.

Or try soaking your nails in hydrogen peroxide and hot water. This can make removing tattoos easier.

Nail polish remover can also remove tea and food stains. Just soak a cloth or cotton swab in it and scrub the stains. Then rinse with water.

3. Hair Spray

Hair spray is safe and easy for removing temporary tattoos from the skin.

Spray the tattoo from 12-16 inches away. Make sure it’s covered completely.

After a few minutes, remove the hair spray. Rub your skin until the design is gone. Repeat this until the tattoo is no longer visible.

You can apply baby powder on the tattoo site. Press gently with your fingers. This will help the tattoo last longer.

For quicker removal, use rubbing alcohol instead of hair spray or salt. This can reduce irritation and rubbing.

4. Salt

It works as an abrasive and exfoliant. But don’t scrub too hard. This can damage your skin.

A good idea is to apply lemon juice to the tattooed area. This can lighten the ink and make it disappear faster.

But remember lemon doesn’t work on all types of ink. It may cause skin rashes. Also, it can’t remove your tattoo altogether.

Dermabrasion is another method to remove hair. But it can be painful and leave scars.


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