Add Flavor to Your Tattoos With UV Reactive tattoos

UV-reactive tattoos are a new trend on the rise. Their distinct style sets them apart from conventional body art.

In the day, these tattoos may appear invisible. But under black light, they come alive with vibrant colors that truly catch the eye!

Invisible in Daylight

People love tattoos. But sunscreen use is essential if you have a UV reactive one and want to maintain it. Regular application can prevent the ink from fading or turning yellow over time.

One issue with tattoos can be scarring from the machines used to apply them. These scars can become visible in daylight. This could lead to irritation, crusting, and scabbing.

Visible Under Black Light

According to physics, an invisible object neither absorbs radiation nor reflects or emits visible light. This includes radio, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths that fall outside our visible spectrum.

Black bodies are physical entities that absorb all incoming electromagnetic radiation, a phenomenon known as perfect absorption. They’re also efficient emitters of thermal radiation. The frequency of this radiation is dependent on the black body’s temperature and is converted from its internal thermal energy reserve.

Colored Under Black Light

Are you a tattoo enthusiast looking for a unique twist on body art? Consider a UV Reactive Tattoo.

This type of ink is rapidly becoming a favorite form of body art. It’s trendy among rave-goers and cybergoths. These individuals enjoy showing off their tattoos at clubs, music festivals, or events where black light technology is used.

However, you must avoid exposing UV-reactive inks to direct sunlight for extended periods. This could cause the ink’s blue colors to change into yellow or brown shades.


UV reactive ink tattoos are generally pricier than traditional ink tattoos. This is due to the costlier ink and the special equipment needed to apply it.

The tattooing process also takes more time and may require touch-ups. This is because UV-reactive ink stains could discolor your skin if exposed to too much sunlight.

UV-reactive tattoos are the latest fad in body art, making you stand out. So, find an artist who uses UV-reactive ink specifically made for tattooing. It’s also essential to maintain a normal skin moisturizing regime. Use sunscreens and apply protective treatments like ointments regularly.

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