Tattoos Dedicated to Kids

Tattooing your children’s names is an elegant and permanent way to remember and keep them close. It is true even after they have left us.

Are you searching for tattoos devoted to your children? Do you want them to make your kids proud? Here are 25+ designs that will delight your little ones!

Sparrow with hearts

Birds are a common tattoo symbol, especially sparrows. These birds can symbolize freedom and love. They can also have other meanings.

Sparrows can also show your independence and wanderlust. A sparrow with open wings can be a great way to express this idea.

Bird tattoos can also mean other things. They can represent new beginnings, life changes, love, or life’s journey. Swallows are good choices for these purposes.

Name written in flowers

Flowers are a popular tattoo choice for both women and men. They are beautiful and meaningful. A flower name tattoo can honour someone special in your life. It can also mark their passing.

tattoos are a perfect gift for your children. They are a permanent reminder of your love and bond.

Roses are a common choice for name tattoos. Their petals symbolize beauty, longevity, and romance. You can use roses in different ways to make the design unique. For example, you can use a knife to cut the petals!

Some people prefer a simple design. Others like something more complex with many elements. When you ask an artist to customize your name, ensure they understand what you want.

Minimalist design

Tattooing your children’s names is a beautiful way to show you care. Olivia Wilde did it with her daughters’ names. It was an elegant statement.

Minimalist designs follow the idea that less is more. They use simple lines to create a clean and subtle look.

Starter tattoos are suitable for beginners. They don’t take much time or money to make. They are less complicated than other designs.

You can put these tattoos anywhere on your body. They are suitable for people who want smaller and less visible tattoos.

You can choose a geometric shape for a minimalist tattoo. It can show your personality while keeping things simple. You can use triangles, mountain ranges, or anything else you like!


Unicorns are very appealing to children. They are a symbol of divine magic. They are often shown as majestic and innocent animals. They have many stories about their origins.

The unicorn symbolizes love and friendship. This tattoo is ideal for young girls who want to show it.

This tattoo shows a unicorn making rainbow stairs. It shows the magical side of this animal. It also honours their unique qualities as individuals.

This dark unicorn tattoo balances masculine and feminine traits. It shows power and boldness without being too girly. It also looks great on fair skin!

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