French Tattoo Words and Phrases

Words and phrases make your tattoo design more meaningful. They can express emotion or heritage, or be a fun addition!

Languages have subtle differences. This can add interest to your tattoo words. But make sure you understand their meanings. Always check with native speakers before you get a tattoo.

Etre la, maintenance

“Etre la, maintenant” is a classic French expression. It shows love and reminds you to live in the present. This phrase shows your care when said sincerely.

Quotes like this are great for tattoos. They can fit into any design, big or small. The design needs to be clear and bold.

La vie en rose

“La vie en rose” is a beloved French phrase. It means “life in pink.” This inspirational quote is perfect for a tattoo.

Lady Gaga has a tattoo that marks her success in the movie “A Star Is Born.” The tattoo has a rose design along her spine. The phrase “la vie en rose” is written along the sides.

She also has a second, smaller tattoo. This tattoo has musical notes spelling out “G-A-G-A.” You can find this tattoo on her arm.

C’est la vie

This phrase is well-known and makes a great tattoo.

L’espoir fait vivre

“L’espoir fait vivre” is a French phrase for a tattoo. It’s a reminder that tough times pass and good times come. It motivates people facing difficulties or starting their careers.

Adding words to your tattoos makes them personal. A small phrase can add a lot of character. Just don’t overdo it. Choose a font or style you like. Then find an artist who can create that style.

Belle ame

“Belle ame” means “beautiful soul” in French. It’s a perfect tattoo for someone with a beautiful spirit.

The tattoo design combines images and letters. The words are done in paint-like brush strokes. This makes them stand out and adds a special touch.

The song by Edith Piaf inspires us to be optimistic. It reminds us to stay positive, no matter the challenges we face.

Toujours la vie

“Toujours la vie” means “to stay young forever” in French. It’s an excellent tattoo to celebrate being youthful. You could have it tattooed on your wrist or forearm.

The quote is a daily reminder. It encourages us to create our happiness. It reminds us to make the most of every day.Despite our age, we can still find joy in life.


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