Top 5 Tattoo Persons in the World

Tattooing is an art form. In many cultures, it marks key events or commemorates passed loved ones.

To master any art, you need practice and dedication. Before profiting from it, you have to develop your skill and experience.

Arielle Coupe

Arielle Coupe hails from Oakland, California. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Printmaking at California College of the Arts.

She then stormed through the world of tattoo artistry. She has created stunning, otherworldly works.

Her designs include strawberries with faces and humanoid eyes on wings. There are also six-eyed beings with four shadows on their wings. She can create anything!

She employs shading and intricate linework that can impress any artist from any period.

Based at Black Square Tattoo Parlor in Brooklyn, she transforms clients’ skin into captivating pieces. She enchants visual artists everywhere.

Seltzer is another tattoo artist based in Philadelphia. She began drawing seriously in middle school. Her preference is for realistic depictions. These often use realistic shading, bold lines, and varied line weights.

In addition, she employs neo-traditional techniques. These are modern versions of traditional American styles.

Gael Cleinow

Gael Cleinow, based in Geneve, is no amateur in tattooing. He has a variety of signature tattoos under his name. He is known for his quirky, sometimes offbeat, styles.

Additionally, he is an accomplished painter. His work is subversive and seductive.

He runs one of Geneve’s newest businesses, The Secret Spot. This offers pop-up shops like his own.


South African model, Minki van der Westhuizen, is fortunate. She recently got the world’s most expensive diamond tattoo. It features 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut. 5-carat diamonds. These are attached using a water-based adhesive.

Westhuizen spent eight hours sitting still. She was marked with an adhesive to attach diamonds to her skin. The effort was worth approximately $924,000.

Xavier Dubois

Vin Diesel’s movie “XXx” blends underground extreme sports with international spying. There’s an overlap between their worlds.

Tattoo culture is known for its diverse expression. This ranges from American-style work by Xander Cage to bold blackwork seen at Van’s Warped Tour events.

Xavier Dubois is from Wichita Falls, Texas. He is widely recognized as a leading tattoo artist.

His artistic abilities include both realism and portraiture techniques. He adds some poetry to each design he produces.

His favourite style is black and grey. He also enjoys full-colour work. He’s fond of classic American and Japanese designs. He enjoys using these as inspiration to craft something more captivating.

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