Polynesian Forearm Tattoo Sketch

Polynesian tattoos are an iconic way to showcase cultural roots. They’re not just attractive but also tasteful. They can be a tribute to your heritage or add a striking element to your body art.

The sun holds a special place in Polynesian tattoo design. It symbolizes wealth, splendor, authority, celebration, and victory.

Tiki’s Eyes

Tiki eyes are a popular image in Polynesian tattoo designs. They symbolize protection and luck. Moreover, they create a connection with our ancestors and past generations.

In this sketch, Tiki appears angry. It has red eyes and is shown holding a shield and knife, ready for battle.

Classic Tiki art makes a charming and attractive tattoo design. It features critical symbols like expressive masks and detailed elements.

Shark Teeth

Shark teeth are often depicted in Polynesian tattoos. They symbolize strength and guidance.

Polynesian tattoos are a perfect way to incorporate the element of water.

Here, a full-sleeve tattoo displays the sea’s duality. It includes waves and shark teeth on the arm.

The design also includes indigenous flowers. The beautiful hibiscus flower softens the rugged aesthetic.


Hibiscus flowers are popular in tattoo designs. They are native to the Pacific region and come in various colors. They also carry significant symbolic meaning.

If you’re considering a hibiscus flower tattoo, choose an artist who understands its significance. This will ensure that the design truly represents you.

Hibiscus flowers make excellent body art.


Tattooing has a long history in Polynesia. tattoos were used as a form of communication. They symbolized social status and sexual maturity.

Polynesian tattoos feature symbols and elements with deep symbolic value. They are visually pleasing, featuring natural designs like animals, trees, and water.

These symbols often mirror their natural counterparts. For example, the shark symbolizes perseverance and protection. The turtle symbolizes family, fertility, and longevity.


Polynesian tattoos often start near the neck at the shoulder and extend down to the wrist. They usually feature geometric designs in black ink.

tattoos were used to honor tribal culture and demonstrate perseverance and dedication to society.

These tattoos symbolized power, adaptability, and ferocity. They were also seen as protection against evil spirits and sharks.

Prominent images of the sun in Polynesian tattooing symbolize prosperity, splendor, leadership, and wealth. The sun’s size and shape could have different meanings depending on interpretation.


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