An Old Fashioned Tattoo


A vintage tattoo can make you feel nostalgic. It reminds you of the old days when circus people, soldiers and sailors had tattoos.

American traditional tattoos are beautiful. They mix art nouveau and art deco styles. They have curves, romantic scenes and details. They also have patriotic images like Native Americans, faces and skulls.


Many cultures think the lion is the “king” of the wild. A lion tattoo can mean courage, strength, loyalty or royalty.

Lion tattoos can have different meanings for different people. Some common lion tattoos are lions that roar, paws, or lion groups.

Some families like to have a lion and cubs tattoo. It shows family strength and protection. Lions are very protective of their cubs in nature.

The lion is an ancient symbol. Some of the first pictures of lions are in caves.


Heart tattoos are about romance and love.

Hearts can also mean strength, courage and determination. Sometimes they have other symbols with them, like fire or knives.

tattoos that show strong romantic feelings are like a fiery heart. It means passion. Hearts with knives mean devotion and trust.

Sailors on long trips also liked heart tattoos. They wanted to remember their loved ones they did not come back. A heart tattoo can be a lasting reminder of someone special.


Flowers are one of the most popular tattoo designs. They are pretty, and they have meanings. Flower tattoos are suitable for anyone.

Flower tattoos can go well with other tattoo styles, like tribal or black-work tattoos. Flowers can make these tattoos more feminine.

Flowers can be roses, lacy flowers or peonies. Flower tattoos are feminine and sensual. Lacy flower tattoos are incredibly delicate.

Flower tattoos can also show the cycle of life. Flowers grow and change all the time. Sometimes they have vines with them to show this idea. A flower tattoo is a great way to admire nature’s beauty!


The circus is a magical place. Tattoo artists have made many tattoo designs about the circus in different styles. Tattoo designs can show circus people or animals doing amazing things.

Circus people with tattoos were trendy in the 19th century. People liked to see them perform. Circuses tried to get the most tattooed people for their shows.

Some circus acts included sword swallowers, fire eaters, jugglers, mind readers, strong men and fat ladies. Some of them had tattooed families too.

The circus made tattoos more popular. Tattoos became less prevalent in the 1900s, but the circus helped them get respect in society.

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