Norse God Tattoos

You might like Norse mythology. It has many gods with exciting stories. But be careful! Some bad people use Norse symbols for evil things. Do not get a tattoo with these symbols. Here are ten symbols and designs to avoid.


Odin is a great Norse god. Many people respect him for his wisdom and courage. He often fights with warriors in battles. He rides a horse with eight legs called Sleipnir. This shows his power and speed. He can also travel between different worlds.

Odin can change his shape and look like different things. He has two ravens, Hugin and Munin. They help him see in the dark and find his way to the underworld.


Frigg is a goddess of fertility, childbirth and marriage. She knows many things and can see the future. She is Odin’s wife and Baldr’s mother. Baldr is a god of wisdom and beauty.

Frigg loves her son very much and tries to protect him from harm. She has long hair and looks like an old goddess.

Voluspa is a poem that tells about Frigg and other gods. It says that Frigg lives in Fensalir, a place with many swamps. Voluspa also lived there. She was a wise woman who told stories about the gods.


Baldr is Odin’s son with Frigg. He is a perfect god, and everyone likes him.

He was the first god to die. This made Odin very sad. It also started a big war that would kill all the gods.

Odin said nice words to Baldr when he died. He said that everything in nature would cry for him. Heimdall

Heimdall is one of Odin’s helpers. He guards Asgard, the home of the gods. He stops terrible people from coming in. He also watches over the world.

Heimdall is robust and rugged. He can hear and see very well. He can hear the grass grow and leaves fall. He can also feel the life of the gods in different worlds.

Heimdall has a vital role in Norse mythology. His tattoos show this. He has a horn called Gjallarhorn. He will blow it when the big war comes. This will call the other gods to fight against giants and humans. Vegvisir

Vegvisir is a god who helps people find their way home. His symbol looks like a compass with nine branches. It helps people travel in bad weather and avoid danger.

Vikings used this symbol to sail on the sea. They looked at the branches to know where the wind was blowing.

Vegvisir is an old symbol with a long history. The book talks about dark magic and spells. But the symbol is much older than that. It comes from the Viking Age, 500 years before!

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