JCONLY Vetar needle cartridges Review 2023

JCONLY is an outstanding market leader in innovation, and over the years, the JCONLY brand team has been working with tattoo artists of various styles to continuously develop and improve the quality and safety of tattoos. One of the continuous research and development is tattoo needles, and now they have launched the latest generation of tattoo needles.

Let’s continue to learn more about the new generation of tattoo needles and see what are its advantages.

It’s up to you to try these popular styles!

JCONLY VETAR Needle Cartridges are made of Japanese standard medical stainless steel, with sharp and neatly arranged needle tips. The shape of the needle cartridges is designed according to artificial mechanics for comfortable grip. Complete sizes to meet a variety of tattoo styles, matches most tattoo machines on the market.


Ink control system

Larger ink storage capacity, very uniform ink output. Safety film design to prevent ink back-flow.

Unique design

The open needle is easy to clean. The circular needle internal stabilizer and special rebound device make the needle more stable.


The shape of the needle shell is designed according to artificial mechanics, which is comfortable to hold. There are non-slip strips on both sides, which is very convenient when inserting and removing the needle.


The production and assembly of all needles are carried out in a sterile workshop, and they are packaged after sterilization. Packaged in a box of 20.

JCONLY VETAR Needle Cartridges are designed with the tattoo artist’s comfort in mind while striving for detail and sophistication. Through continuous testing and improvement, we strive to achieve perfection.


Our pro team artist

The awesome feedback with JCONLY Vetar Cartridges.


We believe in tattoo art and highly respect the soul and work of the artist. We hope to make them more confident and show the charm of tattoo creation under the most comfortable conditions.

JCONLY’s brand concept is “INNOVATION ONLY FOR TATTOOING”. Through communication with world-class tattoo masters, our team has seen the requirements of first-class tattoo artists for tattoo products. Over the years, they have been committed to developing high-quality tattoo products, helping tattoo artists to show their value and talent in tattoos, so as to create outstanding works.

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