Getting Matching Couple Inks – Pros and Cons

Togetherness is a great feeling where you can share your moments, happiness and sorrows with someone. Hence, people today look for different ways to find that perfect individual that would become their life and soul partner eventually. Many couples today prefer to ink their bodies together as an expression of being together. Tattoos today have become a form of body art but long before tattoos have been a way of storytelling on a live canvas – the human body.

Believe it or not, tattoos can speak volumes about your life’s purpose, happiness, grief, remembering those whom you love or miss and even remembering the most critical moments of your life. In a world of technology, dating has become much simpler because you can browse for the best dating sites and connect with more people to find that perfect person.

Lately, the trend of his and hers tattoos have become quite popular as various celebrities ink their bodies with their partners. The tattoos they ink become the testimony of their love and togetherness.

However, the question is – should you do it?

The Pros

The best part about inking your body with your partner is that it strengthens your relationship and assures your partner that you are committed to this relationship. Although you don’t say it verbally, in your mind, you and your partner both know that you are serious about taking this relationship to the next level.

Inking your body together with your partner inspires you to do more with your partner. Your boredom in general life can quickly creep into your relationship and that can ruin it further. To keep things lively, couples work hard and try new things to keep their relationship exciting and fresh. Inking your body with your dating partner would be a great way to add more fun to your relationship.

Life can be full of ups and downs and often we as individuals need a straw to hang on to when life is turbulent. Inking your body with your partner and looking at that tattoo would give you a sense of hope and the strength to brave the stormy circumstances that life throws you into. You along with your partner can brave the challenges and come out victorious creating a bond stronger than before. Spiritual inks like Sak Yant, are all the rage too now and can form a deeper bond.


The Cons

Inking your couple with your dating partner can turn into a harsh reminder that you don’t want to see. It can turn into a symbol of failed relationship which can make your daily life miserable.

When you are opting for a couple-tattoo you might end up having a design that doesn’t represent your true self.  Hence, you need to choose the right tattoo design for you and your partner. Often couples come up with a creative decision where they might have to compromise on the design part which initially might be an okay thing, but over a while, it can upset you as it is not the ultimate representation of who you are.

Many people don’t like to have tattoos at all, but they choose to do it because their partner wanted it and at one time it seemed like a nice gesture. However, you might later regret it at a later stage and want it removed.

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