How Much Does a Full Back Tattoo Cost?

Full-back tattoos are captivating works of art. They can serve many functions in life. They may honor loved ones, commemorate significant historical moments or express who you are.

But these large and intricate designs can be costly. They require much of an artist’s time and more studio resources – including ink and needles.


When considering a full-back tattoo, it is essential to assess its costs carefully. You will also know if getting inked is worthwhile.

Costs associated with full-back will depend on several factors. These include the design and artist, size and complexity of the tattoo.

Tattooing on one’s rib can become highly costly if intricate detail and color work are involved. This requires additional time and expertise from its artist.


A full-back tattoo is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite body art you can have done on yourself. It stretches across your upper back, lower back, and arms for an impressive design that exudes class and beauty.

Make an informed decision before getting a back tattoo. Its cost and healing time depend heavily upon its size and complexity.

An artist can give you an estimate of the size and design cost during your consultation session.

An intricate full-back tattoo requires several hours to complete. More complex designs may take even longer to finish.


An investment in a back tattoo is significant and should be planned accordingly. Time and energy are required, which requires budgeting hence for its cost.

Costing of full-back will depend upon their design, detail level, colors used, and artist. Furthermore, they must possess numerous tools and equipment.

Tattoo artists require equipment such as a tattoo gun, fresh needles, and clean equipment to perform their services effectively. Furthermore, their workspace should be thoroughly sterilized to avoid spreading germs that may lead to infections.

An average small tattoo costs $50-250, depending on its size and the complexity of the design. Other factors that affect the price are the artist type and the studio where it takes place.

Session time

Average session times for full-back range between 15 to 80 hours. This may change based on design, pain tolerance, and other factors. Experts recommend discussing with your artist how many sessions will be necessary.

Tattoo size and complexity will affect session time. This is particularly important when considering dark skin tones need more sessions than light to achieve the desired results.

Tattoo artists should provide advice regarding how long to wait between sessions for optimal healing and infection control. This is because are open wounds that need time to recover before they may cause further damage.

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