Filipino Tattoo Ideas – Why Are They So Popular?

Filipino tattoos are becoming more popular, and there are many options to choose from. These designs include Sampaguita, Ling-ling-o, Baybayin script, and the Ohana. These tattoos represent the culture, history, and heritage of the Philippines. These designs are often inspired by the culture, and they are often made with bold and colorful lines and imagery.


In an Instagram post, singer Jin-Ri Park revealed her tattoo of the Philippine national flower, the Sampaguita. The flower symbolizes purity, love, and devotion. Given the Korean-Philippine singer’s dual heritage, the tattoo is particularly fitting. Jin-Ri Park has both a Filipino heart and a Korean blood.

The Sampaguita is a tropical flower with delicate petals that are sweet-smelling. It is native to the South Pacific and southern Asia. Although not native to the Philippines, it is still considered the country’s national flower. It has a unique beauty that drew travelers from all over the world.

These designs are a symbol of pride. They represent a person’s heritage, and a strong sense of identity. While some Filipinos are reluctant to get a tattoo, others choose to wear it as a way to celebrate being Filipino. Some even opt to cover it with a colorful flower in honor of a loved one who died.


Ling-ling-o tattoos are symbols of fertility. The symbol represents the reproductive organs of a woman. The ling-ling-o is most commonly tattooed on the hand. The symbol is associated with the late Neolithic Austronesian culture. The design is created by using shells, clay, and stone. The tattoo design is often a combination of both indigenous and modern designs.

The lingling-ling-o is an ancient symbol that has gained popularity with Filipinos living in the diaspora. It is believed to bring fertility, strength, and protection to the wearer. It is also said to bring supernatural powers to the wearer. The lingling-ling-o is also a sign of fertility in the mind and on the land.

The process of Ling-ling-o tattooing involves two artists. One is a village elder or a warrior, and the other is a professional tattoo artist. In this culture, the artist is typically a woman in her 70s. She has tattoos on her hands, neck, back, and front. Although she has stopped tattooing due to her age, younger people are starting to seek out different styles of body decoration.

Baybayin script

If you are seeking for a script tattoo in a different language, you can opt for a Baybayin script tattoo. It is an alpha-syllabary script that uses characters that are based on consonant letters and vowel notation. The alphabet consists of 14 syllabic characters and three vowel characters. The characters represent the sound “a” with the consonant k, l, and m.

Inked with the Baybayin script, you can have your favorite words or phrases inked permanently. The Philippine term “padayon” means “continue”, which means “keep going”. In addition, you can have ancient motifs, like a star for light and an arrow for direction, to give it a deeper meaning. The phrase “Hakuna matata” means “no trouble, no worries, and take it easy.” A Baybayin script tattoo will make you feel liberated and proud.

The Baybayin script is an ancient pre-colonial Philippine writing system that was used prior to Spanish colonization. It is derived from the Brahmic family of Indian languages and was first documented in the 16th century. It continued to be used in the Philippines during the Spanish colonization period and into the late nineteenth century.


Ohana Tattoos are an excellent way to show your family ties. The word ohana means “family,” and in Hawaiian culture, it is a highly important concept. Having a tattoo of your family will remind you of how much you care and the support they provide you. You can also use this design to honor a loved one, such as a parent, brother, or sister.

A good place to get an ohana tattoo is on your arm or wrist. This means that you will never lose sight of your family. You can even combine the ohana with other symbols or images. However, be careful when choosing the location of your tattoo. You want to be sure you get the best placement and the best line work.

Ohana tattoos can be a simple italic or a simple design. You can make it even more special by including stars. You can also combine the ohana with other symbols, such as the infinity symbol, to emphasize the lifelong connection between family members.



Polynesian Tattoos are known for their symbols of nature and the sea. Some of these symbols are reminiscent of a human-like design, while others are purely symbolic. For instance, a spearhead symbol can represent both combativeness and courage. Another popular symbol in Polynesian culture is a stingray, which represents freedom and quiet force. A stingray tattoo can be found in many styles and can be made into many different designs.

Another traditional Polynesian Tattoo design is a turtle shell. This ancient symbol represents the sea and is often accompanied by a small triangle. In Polynesia, the sea is a powerful symbol because it provides life and food. A turtle tattoo will also represent wisdom, fertility, peace, and good luck.

Polynesian tattoos are often highly symbolic and play an important role in a person’s self-presentation. These tattoos feature geometric patterns that vary depending on the artist and the culture where they are made. Tattoos with a spearhead are especially popular among men, as it symbolizes courage.


Tribal Tattoos are a good way to show your heritage and culture. These Filipino tattoos are often depicted on the arm and are often very bold. Some tattoos feature geometric prints. Others include flower accents. They can represent the country or the province of origin, or they can be simple geometric designs.

One popular tattoo design is the Kalinga tribal tattoo. This style features a variety of shapes and motifs, including triangles, which represent faith and unity. It also highlights the neck, which represents femininity and fertility. If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is more subtle and elegant, try the Sampaguita. This design is also available in larger versions, including a full torso design.

Tribal Filipino tattoos are most often black, but some include colorful accents and celestial imagery. You can choose a design that incorporates a circle, star, or tree, and combine several styles to make it unique and personal.

Solid black

A tattoo is a personal expression of the person’s character. It may be a colorful design or a simple, plain one. Some people choose to get their tattoo on a body part that is a part of their identity, such as a wrist or ankle. Other people get tattoos on their faces, necks, or arms. Whatever the case, a tattoo can be a meaningful representation of a person’s identity.

There are several Filipino tattoo designs to choose from. Many are traditional in nature and can depict trees, snakes, or celestial imagery. There are also many tribal Filipino tattoo designs that use lines and shapes to represent the imagery. For a more modern approach, you can combine two or more tattoo styles to create one unique tattoo.

Filipino tattoos have a history dating back to over 500 years. They are known to protect the wearer from enemies and are often simple but elegant. These tattoos are usually a good choice for people who are looking for something a little more unique than their standard tattoo designs.


Filipino tattoos often incorporate symbols from the culture, including the national gemstone, the Philippine pearl. The pearl itself is a difficult design to depict, but many people include other Filipino symbols around it. It was a Filipino diver who discovered the world’s largest pearl in 1934. Symbolism in Filipino tattoos is both ancient and modern.

Philippine tattoos are linked to ancestral beliefs and spiritual practices. These designs were originally found in the ancient civilizations of the country but were revived centuries ago by people who migrated to the country from other countries. This chapter will provide an insight into the meaning of traditional Filipino tattoo designs and how they relate to contemporary Filipino tattoos.

Filipino tribal tattoos are often inspired by nature. A wolf, for example, is a common animal that is often included in Filipino tattoo designs. The animal may symbolize loyalty to a tribe or leadership or it may represent bravery in battle.

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