Big Cover Up Image ideas – Image meaning Ideas For Small Pictures

If you’ve got a big tattoo and are considering a cover up, here are a few ideas. You can go for something religious or traditional. For example, a tribal design might be good. You can also go for something more whimsical, like a skeletal hand holding a rose. If you have a small tattoo, a lily might be an excellent choice. In any case, it should be obvious that you’re not going for a traditional cover up.

If you have a big tattoo, you probably want to find a cover up design. There are many great options out there. Some people decide to re-do an old tattoo. Jessica Baker redid an old Pikachu design into a hilarious self-portrait. Her creative reuse earned her a lot of attention! The perfect coverup tattoo is just a matter of finding the right design and applying it to your body.


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