Easy First Tattoos

Making your mark through body art can be exciting, but correctly choosing the appropriate design and prepping is essential. Experienced tattoo enthusiasts know getting inked can be painful; typically, thighs and biceps tend to experience more discomfort than elsewhere. How much you experience will depend on your pain tolerance, size, and location.


If you want your first tattoo to represent your faith, the cross is an ideal symbol with deep significance and will stay will stay in style for a while for a while. Your faith should never go unrecognized; that’s why getting a cross tattoo on the inside of your wrist or between your fingers is such an effective reminder. But for something bigger? Go bigger with designs covering the chest, forearm, or upper back; this way, you’ll always have a personal symbol that no one else needs to see!


Florals are one of the most adaptable tattoo designs. Floral tattoos have long been a go-to choice among first-time and experienced clients. Flower tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body and range in size. Flower designs often connote positive associations such as love and new beginnings, making them an excellent first tattoo choice. Roses, lilies, and peonies are iconic floral designs, often associated with love, new beginnings, and healing.

Drinking Glass

Drinking glasses are an essential component for anyone serious about their alcohol. Make it show-stopping with high-end, handcrafted drinkware when mixing drinks yourself. Not only is the aesthetic pleasing, but the quality surpasses all others, too – and what’s even better, they’re reusable and fun to boot! A glass could keep coming if you can’t resist that late-night libation session!

Lightning Bolt

Lightning strikes symbolize power, swiftness, and decisiveness. Additionally, they represent raw emotions, instincts, and volatility. It also serves as an analogy for more profound feelings such as inspiration and creativity. Tattoo designs featuring lightning bolts come in many different styles. While cartoon-style illustrations may be preferred, other variations incorporate brooding storm clouds with zigzag contours that resemble their outline. Before getting a lightning bolt tattoo, there are a few key considerations. First and foremost is understanding its significance as part of a design.


A fruit design is a practical choice for first-time tattoo enthusiasts, as it uses simple shapes and only requires one color. Furthermore, the folds in its skin give an illusion of 3-D depth without needing shading. Before getting your first tattoo, practice drawing on various materials to hone your technique. This is particularly helpful if you plan on inking an intricate design with curves and contours.


Wave tattoos are among the most favored body art options and come in various designs and meanings that represent water in general and the ocean in particular. Waves symbolize ocean power while at the same time, they serve as an implicit reminder to take life more slowly and naturally. The use of shading to create 3D waves is an effective way of adding dimension and depth to a tattoo piece. Waves may be depicted with green or black hues to show their foamy peaks and rougher lines.

Palm Tree

Palm tree tattoo designs are among the most beloved tattoo options for those wanting to express affection for tropical climates. Palm trees can also be versatile, serving as simple silhouettes or intricate watercolor-style creations. Palm trees have long been associated with peace, prosperity, and reincarnation; hence, many choose palm tree tattoos to symbolize new beginnings or renew themselves.

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