120 Best Drake Tattoo Designs for Men

Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and actor of world renown. In the 2000s, he began his career as an actor in the TV series. After leaving the TV series in 2006, he later pursued his music career. Today, not only because of his music style, but also because of his portrait tattoo, Drake has become one of the most popular celebrities.

Drake has only a limited number of tattoo on his skin, unlike other celebrities. Most of his tattoo is inked on his large muscle arms with different meanings. Let’s read on to learn more about Drake’s tattoo love and its significance. Aubrey Drake Graham is a world-renowned Canadian rapper, guitarist and songwriter. His career as an actor in the TV series began in the 2000s.

He then followed his musical career after leaving the TV series in 2006. Today, Drake has become one of the most popular figures, not only due to his musical style, but also due to his portrait tattoo. Unlike other famous people, Drake has only a limited number of body tattoo.

Most of his tattoos have been inked with various meanings on his long muscular arms. Let us learn about Drake’s love and importance for tattoo.In this article we have look Drake and his famous 5 Tattoo designs and Meanings.


Top 5 Drake wore Tattoo designs

    Flower and a Bee’ Tattoo on Drake Arm – Flower and a Bee Tattoo on the top part of his arm.

Drake had a ‘ pink-colored rose inked on top of his arm with a bee pollinating the weed. ‘ For his album More Life, this tattoo became part of promotional artwork. Drake’s tattoo is inked in Sweden by award-winning artist, Gothenburg’s Niki Norberg.

    ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ Tattoo on Drake forearm – Jack-O-Lantern Tattoo on his left forearm.

Born on 24 October, October was always a special month for Drake and was the founder of the October Very Own record label. Because his birthday is past Halloween, he has inked in his left forearm Jack-O-Lanter.

    ‘Eye of Horus’ Tattoo on Drake left Arm – Eye of Horus Tattoo on his left arm.

On your left arm is an Eye of Horus Tattoo inked. A former Egyptian emblem of protection, royal power and good health is the Eye of Horus, also known by the term Wadjet or Udyat.

    ‘I Love You with Different Symbols’ Tattoo on Drake Back – I Love You and Different Symbols Tattoo on his back.

The unspecified message suggesting ‘ I love you, harmony and the sex sign ‘ is inked on the back near the portrait tattoo of Aaliyah.

    ‘Owl’ Tattoo on Drake Chest – Huge Owl Tattoo on his chest.

Drake has his music record label, October is Very Own and Owl’s emblem on his back, on the right side of his back near his shoulders.

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Drake Flower and a Bee Tattoo

One of the most popular, especially with this Drake honeycomb tattoo design in the rear, will obviously be a realistic bee tattoo design. The great news is that you can change the shape of the honeycomb to make it fit in whatever part of the body you want it to fit in. This one is quite rounded in shape, but if you wanted it to fit into an Drake L-shaped part of the body other than the leg (which you can see here), it would easily be converted with the help of a good artist.

This basic Drake tattoo model might definitely add to a bigger piece a touch of loyalty, probably a leg or arm sleeve? It’s adorable and realistic, but that’s just two reasons why we love tattoo like this humble bee-tattoo.

Ideal for filling breaches in a larger space–wrists and ankles, etc. –the motion is luminous, vibrant and presents the buzzy subject with no additional work. It will even better, without adding something very big. It will have an impact. What a truly amazing model! This look is incredibly colored, especially because of the dripping sweet look that runs through the honeycomb backbone. Color-splash tattoo help make a difference without having to color a lot, perfect for those who are not a pain factor fan. Face it, hurt tattoo.

Drake Jack O Lantern Tattoos

Halloween is right at the corner and it is time of year to dress like different spooky characters. Jack o lanterns are pumpkins that are sculpted to create a human face. The largest part of Halloween. As it is a large part of Halloween, it is commonly found that a very renowned class of tattoos is tattooed, most people tattoos with Drake or Jack. The cost of a Drake tattoo depends on the knowledge and experience of your artist.

A renowned Drake tattoo artist often prices their services on an hourly basis and therefore increases the cost of tattoo. Despite the higher costs involved however, a experienced artist will offer you a more professional service, which also translates into more fabulous tattoo. Large tattoo consume more time and resources than a smaller Drake tattoo and it is therefore only fair for the artist to charge them more. But that’s not always the case, because some tattoo, due to their excellent tattoo design, can cost far more than bigger ones.

The tattoo artist can look at the area protected by the tattoo if the layout is not too complicated. The Color: a tattoo in one color is better than a different one. The main reason is that a more than one-color tattoo needs to be more precise. The more intricate a Drake tattoo is, the longer it takes time and resources to draw it. The additional time spent on tattoo must be paid even for the tattoo artists paying a flat rate, so the multicolored tattoo are priced much above one color tattoo. Tattoo placement: the place where you choose the tattoo will have a substantial impact on the cost of the tattoo.

Many areas tend to be harder to draw than others for the Drake  tattoo artist, so most artists tend to charge more for these sites. It is more sensitive due to nerve receptors that make this place more difficult to Drake tattoo. Tattoo Design: intricate tattoo designs for tattoos require a lot of the artist’s work in order for him to get it right. As a result, the more complicated your tattoo is in the model, the more costly your tattoo is. Easy to draw simple Drake tattoos, so they won’t cost you much too. Custom tattoo designs also have a higher cost than standard images or tattoos.

Drake Eye of Horus Tattoo

At last we look at the “face of horus,” the most famous Egyptian image I personally feel to be worn and tattooed. The eye displays tremendous power, while Horus protects the nation in Egypt. Overseas The United States uses it on their dollar bill and it can also be seen elsewhere. The myth says that in battle Horus lost his eye, then he was magically restored and restored to the powerful symbol he is now.

The Tattoo Parlor’s location: tattoo parlors are usually more expensive in major suburbs or towns than they can be seen in the rest of town. Tattoo artists know that people are rich in opulent areas and will be more costly. You should not let the cost prevent you from being tattooed when you have a specific tattoo you want to consider. You should do lots of things for the Drake tattoo to ensure that the costs are not an obstacle.

The best ways to get the best Drake tattoo deal are as follows. An artist with fewer charges doesn’t necessarily mean they offer tattoos of low quality. You should buy and compare their prices and settle for the most affordable artist before settling down for any Drake tattoo artist but also take care not to jeopardize the quality of the Drake tattoo that you receive. If it doesn’t work as expected and the Drake tattoo finally takes longer than expected, the Drake  tattoo artist will always be paid for.

Drake I Love You with Different Symbols Tattoo

Another interesting way is to write LOVE on your body in letters. To make it more fun, you can use different fonts and sizes. This model can also be augmented with some stars and flowers. The best part is that on any part of your body you can get this Drake tattoo done. In the world there’s no better feeling than listening to someone say “I love you!” Nonetheless, most people can not say it verbally aloud and choose alternative press. For many years, love Drake tattoos were used to create an artistic declaration of people’s desire.

You should be in one seat if you have already made it up your mind to have more than one Drake tattoo and have the tattoo designs you would like for each one of them. When you negotiate for all the Drake tattoos in one kit, using today’s technology, you can negotiate on the telephone or on the internet with your Drake tattoo artist but the best way for you is to negotiate face to face. You should visit the Drake tattoo artist and negotiate a deal before you agree to anything, as it is easier to persuade them.

Drake OVO Owl Tattoos

However, previous research should be used to obtain an Drake owl tattoo. The symbol will be a permanent feature in the body, so you should take some time before you commit to this tattoo to properly research the artwork. It is ideal to use an online Drake tattoo gallery before it is time to be inked to give you ideas and comments. The advantage is to suggest a discreet shop and an artist to get your new tattoo from an online tattoo gallery. Choosing the Drake tattoo is also a tough choice, because not many employers would like to see an Drake owl tattoo on their forearms.

So, you have decided to get an owl tattoo for tribal animals, but don’t you know where to start? As a choice for a tribal tattoo, owl recently has grown in popularity. You will find the hidden websites with performance Drake bird tattoo or any Drake tattoo you may want. The last thing you want to do is to respond in the knees and tattoo that you may hate. The bird Drake tattoo designs are your way through forums. There are only so many exclusive insider information in forums, which is largely untapped and which can help you find tattoo that fit your particular tastes.


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