120 Best Drake Tattoo Designs for Men

Drake’s tattoo is a tribute to his mother, Sandi Graham. It was done by celebrity tattoo artist NAL, in Los Angeles. The artist works with a high-powered needle and barely flinches as it goes in and out of Drake’s skin. His mother’s initials are tatted below his eye. Other tattoos that are prominent on Drake’s body include a lion and a tattoo of Sade on his ribs.

Drizzy’s mother’s initials are tatted below his eye

The Canadian rapper recently revealed a new tattoo on his body. It features his mother’s initials, “SG,” in lower-case old English script. Drizzy has been paying tribute to his mother Sandra throughout his career. He even had a recording studio named after her in Calabasas, Calif.

The artist he used for the tattoo told TMZ that it was an accident and apologized for the mistake. He added that Drizzy’s mother’s initial SG was tatted below his eye as a symbol of love. The tattoo was designed by an artist named _n.a.l, who posted a video of Drake having the design done. The artist worked on a video of Drake’s tattoo. In the video, Drake sat still as the tattoo gun floats close to his eye. He also posted a series of photos that seemed unrelated to the tattoo. Some of the photos were a black-and-white profile picture and others of classic movie posters. The rapper also posted pictures of himself holding a classic cocktail and an old BlackBerry.

The rapper has a total of 35 tattoos on his body. Among them are a portrait of Sade, a tribute to legendary singer Aaliyah, and a tribute to the late Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh. The artist also has a tattoo of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album cover.


Drake’s lion tattoo is a tribute to his mother

Drake has a lion tattoo on his back and it is one of his many tributes to his mother, Elizabeth. It is also a tribute to the month of October, which he loves. The lion is a symbol of strength and courage, so getting a tattoo in this month is fitting. While many celebrities are reluctant to get a tattoo on their bodies, Drake has made tattoos a part of his daily routine. His tattoos are spread across his chest, arms, rib cage, and back.

Drake is no stranger to getting random Tattoos, and his latest is a tribute to his mother. In a recent photo posted on Instagram, the rapper revealed a tattoo honoring his mom. The tattoo is a lion, and it is inscribed with his mother’s initials – “SG” and “GG.” The initials stand for Sandra Graham and Sandra Gale. Drake’s mom was his biggest fan, and she wrote him a letter ahead of the release of his Certified Lover Boy album.

Drake has also had portraits of his mother and uncle inked on his back. These portraits were done by renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who also did Drake’s CN Tower tattoo. His Tattoo design also features an eyeball inspired by the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol of royal power, protection, and good health.

Another tattoo Drake has on his body is a portrait of his friend Lil Wayne. He got the tattoo after Lil Wayne signed him to his Young Money Entertainment label. Both of them are influential to the rapper. Inked portraits of these people are a good way to honor the people who are important to you.

In addition to the lion tattoo on his back, Drake also has an owl tattoo on his chest. This tattoo is a tribute to his friends and is an iconic symbol for friendship and loyalty. He also has an ovo owl tattoo on his right shoulder blade. It is a symbol of the music collective, October’s Very Own.

Drake has another tattoo on his arm. His BBK tattoo is less visible. It is a tribute to the English grime group. The rapper and his producer Skepta collaborated on at least one track, and he opted to show his appreciation with ink. The artist got this ink in 2015. It is unclear if the two are working together.

Drake also got a matching shark tattoo to his girlfriend Rihanna. Their relationship was tumultuous. Despite the breakup, the pair decided to get matching tattoos. Rihanna got a shark tattoo on her inner right forearm, and Drake got one of hers on his right arm. The tattoo was created by a tattoo artist named Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who is known for his black-and-grey realism style.

Drake’s Sade tattoo is on his ribs

Drake has two Tattoos of Sade on his body – one of them is on his rib cage and the other is on his left side. Both depict the R&B legend staring into the distance. Both are made in black and gray realism style. The top tattoo is by Inal Bersekov and the bottom one is by Niki Norberg. The bottom one also features the words “With Love Sade x.”

It is unclear where the tattoo was actually done, but it is believed that Drake got the tattoo while backstage at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. It is also unclear whether he got the tattoo before or after the show. Regardless of the location, Drake may have been a fan of Sade for a long time. The tattoo is on the ribs and appears to be a tribute to the late singer.


Sade has been Drake’s musical inspiration for years. The rapper got a tattoo of her on his ribs a few years ago, and it was a beautiful one. However, there are several other pieces of art on Drake’s body that are not yet identified.

The artist has also updated his Tattoos since the last time we saw him. It is a small tribute to his favorite artist. He has a huge fan base, and fans have embraced it. However, there are some who don’t like his new tattoo. While there is no doubt that he’s proud of the piece, he has remained discreet about it.

Another piece of art on his body is a Micorealism tattoo of a lion. It is also a reminder of his love for October. The tattoo is inked by Swedish tattoo artist Niki Norberg, who has also tattooed him with a flower and a bee. There is no official announcement about his tattoo, but it is a very rare sight.

Another tattoo Drake has on his body is on his bicep. He got it in 2012 to celebrate the release of his More Life playlist. The tattoo is filled with nostalgia, as the rapper used to wear a Drakkardnoir cologne and used the twitter handle @Drakkardnoir.

A third tattoo on Drake’s ribs pays tribute to the British rapper Skepta. He has worked with the grime artist on a number of occasions and decided to honor him with ink. “BBK” stands for the record label Skepta is associated with.

Drake also has a tattoo of the rap artist Lil Wayne. The two are close friends and have supported one another. Drake’s praying hands tattoo is very large and features two intricately detailed hands pressed together in prayer. The tattoo was created by Dr. Woo and features a quote and an emoji praying hands. The word “Unruly” is also a part of the tattoo.


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