Couple Tattoos with Your Dating Partner

Nobody wants to forget great experiences and tries to somehow hold on to memories by taking pictures, buying souvenirs… and making tattoos, of course! A tattoo with a beloved pet, favorite film/cartoon character, and a portrait of a loved one because why not?

Today, many people do love tattoos, even if they don’t always mean something to them. Tattoos are often viewed as a means to embellish the body but nevertheless, to some of us, they are still meaningful and are used as a way to immortalize the beautiful feeling of being in love. Couple tattoos have been with us for a long time now – losing then gaining popularity. What interests everyone who decides to go for couple tattoos is what a tattoo should be like so that it is both stylish and retains its sacred meaning.

Is It a Good Idea to Get a Matching Couple Tattoo?

Although modern technologies allow you to easily get rid of any tattoo on your body that you dislike, the couple tattooing should still be a well-thought-out decision. Yeah, we know – blood rush, passion, you are head over heels for your partner, but it’s highly recommended to not decide impulsively and think twice or even 10 times before getting matching tattoos.

Most importantly, you should think about who is your partner to you? You are happy in this relationship and not being alone, but should it be enough? All of us look for a special person that will make us feel good, and since we’ve been blessed with online dating, it has never been so easy to find the right date partner. On dating sites, there are thousands of people with different dating goals: some are looking for a local hookup to have a good time without obligations, and others do not mind finding their one and only, even in another country. No matter what you are on a dating site for, there is always a great match for you somewhere over there. But matching tattoos is a thing which means that two people care for each other deeply enough, and if you are together only for a casual hookup, it’s better to wait till you’re sure that exactly this person is special to you.

To get or not to get couple tattoos depends on the style as well. Nobody wants something weird, even if it has an intimate meaning. A nice-looking tattoo that also means something to both partners is optimal. It is highly recommended to agree on an idea and choose something (gender-)neutral that will look good on both.

Paired Tattoo Ideas You Won’t Want to Get Off

Matching tattoos as well as matching outfits is something that makes some people cringe, while others think there’s no better way to immortalize their love. If you and your partner have decided to get inked, but in the most creative still meaningful way, below you will find some ideas to make this next step in your relationship.

  • Minimalism

If symbols are your thing, then there are many beautiful alphabets and symbols to choose from. A Maya letter tattoo may be what you have been looking for. The idea of a minimalistic tattoo is definitely worth exploring -just google some examples or ask a professional tattoo artist to offer something unique that you both will like.

  • Favorite food

Do you both love sushi or any other food like you love each other? Or maybe it was your first-date meal? Cement this little thing you both feel attached to on your body, and this tattoo will be a feast both for the heart and eyes.

  • Sharing culture

If you want to give tattoos a special meaning, you can use it to share your culture on a deeper level than just going for a design with a symbolic significance. Both partners will appreciate learning more about each other (e.g., heritage) if they are truly in love.

  • Tattoos on the same places

Maybe you met on the site for casual hookups because of your shared passion for tattoos? And you already have a lot of ink art on your body? To do something special for your couple, you can choose someplace on the bodies where you both get a tattoo. In this case, you can choose any design that you like or that fits with your other tattoos, but the common body location will make this tattoo “yours”.

What Tattoos Are Best to Avoid?

Only the tattoo that is well-thought-out is good. One may feel overwhelmed by feelings, and their head is spinning around, but getting inked means that something will stay for a long time, and both partners should choose the design of paired tattoos wisely.

Such tattoos as a partner’s name, date, or a portrait of a loved one are considered neither creative nor stylish. Of course, a specific date means something to both in a relationship, but it is an easy way to end up with a cliché tattoo that will be regretted. Instead, it is recommended to think of something unique or to google some ideas to go from for the matching tattoos design.

Couple tattoos are usually one of two things: nice or cringy. To succeed at choosing a tattoo design, listen to yourself and your partner, forget about the trends and think out of the box. Don’t also forget to put meaning into it, and voilà – the best matching tattoos are yours!

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