Chinese Tattoos – What You Need to Know

Tattooing in China: From Unruly Behavior to Cultural Acceptance

Tattooing was once considered unruly and barbarian in China, but it has now become an accepted part of Chinese culture.

The symbolism of Chinese Zodiac Animal Tattoos

Many Chinese people ink their zodiac animal names as tattoos, representing loyalty and symbolism. These animals are believed to possess robust characteristics with significant meaning for Chinese culture and society.

Meanings Behind Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos often symbolize beauty, prosperity, love, and compassion. For example, the peony represents elegance, while the lotus signifies purity and rebirth. Camellia flowers are associated with love and adoration, making them a popular choice for tropical tattoos. Heliconia tattoos symbolize power and pride, while Holly flowers represent domestic happiness.

Chinese Symbol Tattoos: Koi Fish and Angels

For those looking to display Chinese symbols, a koi fish tattoo is fitting as it represents courage to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Angel Tattoos are also an option to showcase faith, symbolizing strength during difficult times.

The Significance of Cloud Tattoos

Cloud Tattoos are iconic designs symbolizing change and transformation. They are considered sacred spaces in Chinese symbolism and other cultures like Greco-Roman mythology. Cloud tattoos can express faith or serve as memorials for loved ones. Adding an angel among the clouds can be especially powerful for those who feel protected by a guardian angel.

The Chinese Symbol of Love

The Chinese symbol of love is an elegant way to express affection, whether romantic or familial. Although commonly associated with romantic love, it can also represent love for parents, children, and siblings. This symbol is often used in China to describe marital bliss and is famous as an engagement or wedding gift.

Embracing Chinese Culture: Chinese Writing Tattoos

Chinese writing tattoos are popular due to their multiple interpretations and powerful impact in a small area. Characters like “Zhong” symbolize loyalty, which is highly valued in Chinese culture. Dragon tattoos, another common symbol in Chinese culture, symbolize luck and prosperity. Despite government disapproval, Chinese youth have embraced tattooing as a way to connect with traditional Chinese art and express themselves artistically.