A Guide to Blue Watercolor Tattoo Designs

Watercolour tattoos are an attractive form of inkwork. They feature delicate colours blending harmoniously together. They are perfect for various motifs.

Girly tattoos have long been a fashion statement. While flowers may be the top choice, more abstract designs may also be considered appropriate.

Blue Wave

Blue Wave Tattoo Designs offer stunning displays of colour and texture. They are composed of thin lines interspersed with light splashes of watercolour ink. This tattoo design offers plenty of variety in terms of depth and variety.

These beautiful hues look amazing together. They are an effective way to bring some colour to your skin. Plus, there’s always room for personalization by including different elements in the design!

Blue is a soothing colour. It can elevate both mood and alertness while supporting memory and cognitive functioning.

Blue Dolls

Water colouring tattooing is an emerging subgenre. It has quickly gained a following due to the ease and cost of removal. The results can be excellent, and playing around with them can be loads of fun! They are incredibly subtle if placed on sensitive pieces of skin like fingernails!

This tattoo exemplifies how colour can be used to tell a narrative and make its point across. Watercolour plays an integral role as well. It has vibrant hues and playful splatter effects. It also has motion lines surrounding its subjects.

Frozen World

Frozen is one of the most beloved Disney films ever. Many fans show their devotion through tattoos that honour it. These unique fan-made artworks will surely bring smiles to all who see them!

This beautiful watercolour tattoo depicts some of the iconic characters from Frozen. They include Anna and Elsa. The vibrant blues and oranges make the characters pop, adding further meaning to this design. The text reads, “Let It Go.”

The artist used the watercolour style of tattooing. It is known for its soft washes and lack of black outlines. These tattoos also often include halftones, blurred areas, drops and splashes that add dimension. Though an unusual art style for tattoos, these pieces truly stand out. Viewers are sure to be impressed!


Roses are among the most beloved symbols. They represent love, hope, and compassion. Tattooing them onto oneself is an iconic expression of these attributes.

Many tattoo artists prefer watercolour tattoos over traditional designs. Their colours can be adjusted more easily. Furthermore, watercolour tattoos look beautiful in both small and large dimensions.

Watercolour tattoos can be an eye-catching way to express yourself.

If you need help starting, ask around and look through portfolios of tattoo artists. Additionally, observe other people’s tattoos so you can understand how they might appear on you.


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