The Big Five Africa Tattoo

Tattooing the Big Five Africa can be an excellent way to demonstrate your devotion to Africa, symbolizing wisdom, power, and courage. Tattoos remain a powerful way of combatting sickness, dispelling spirits, and showing allegiance to certain tribes in Africa. Additionally, Tattoos can serve as a powerful means to convey personality traits.


The lion is one of Africa’s most beloved symbols and an icon for protection, wisdom, and courage – making the lion tattoo an increasingly popular choice among those seeking to embody these qualities in their lives. Tattoo designs featuring the mighty paws of the jungle king make for stunning tattoo designs. They can serve as a memorable way of commemorating loved ones, mainly if they include the initials of each member of your family. Tattoos that feature bold features of lions make for ideal candidates to decorate an oversized canvas like the chest or thigh, such as sleeves. A sleeve can also incorporate other design elements, including landscapes, different animals, or even people, into its composition.


The elephant is an iconic symbol of wisdom, making it an excellent choice for tattoo designs. Elephant Tattoos also reflect strength and power while representing family or community – since elephants are social animals like people! An elephant matriarch leads their herd; thus,, a mom-and-baby elephant tattoo would be an excellent way of honoring motherhood or sisterhood in your life. An outline elephant tattoo is an attractive, minimalist design, which looks fantastic in smaller sizes. You can get this inked anywhere on your body, such as the wrist, back, or thigh – the design allows the artist to experiment with shading and colors to achieve realistic effects.

African Grey

Many Africans who feel connected to the continent through ancestral links or feel an intense affinity with its people opt to honor it with tattoo tributes, be it simple map outlines with meaningful symbols etched inside or savanna scenes that bring home its beauty. Fang tattoos could either be relief marks (mama) that resembled pigmented scars or flat markings pricked by a comb-like tool (male), as reported by Sabater. Makonde women also added tattoos around their navels and pubic areas as prophylactic “magic,” designed to protect from penetration by evil spirits that were targeting vulnerable body passageways such as natural mouth openings. Other decorative motifs included zigzags and straight, and diagonal lines.


The draft is an African symbol of womanhood and beauty, a beautiful reminder of your femininity or African roots. Wear it as an ornamental tattoo as an affirmation of femininity or heritage! Body markings were once an essential tool of social status and tribal affiliation in Africa; today, they continue to show pride for their nation and culture through tattoos. The draft, or stylized representation of a wooden comb, symbolizes femininity, self-care, love, and cleanliness. The interlacing shapes create a dynamic design, while its balanced composition shows the flawless technique and the artist’s skill at using negative space to emphasize details. A must for any African fanatic and an excellent way to honor loved ones’ ancestry or heritage!


Tattooing a seashell on one’s body symbolizes longevity, wellness, fertility, protection, and peace. A seashell tattoo can also show one’s love for the ocean! It makes a great addition to women who wish to embody these attributes while showing their affinity with them. This tattoo is a fantastic example of a minimalist style. The use of fitting animals, detailed coloring, and precise shadow creates an eye-catching image – making this black tattoo an impressive showcase of technical skills from its artist. An Ace tattoo symbolizes your success in life and protection/feminism. It is an ongoing reminder to embrace sobriety while living in harmony with nature.

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