The Rainbow of a Baby Angel Tattoo

Baby angel tattoos symbolize innocence, purity, God’s love, and protection.


Baby angels are beloved tattoo designs with endearing appeal and a profound spiritual message. They are often inked as tributes or memorials for lost children to keep their memories alive.

These angels, mentioned in the Bible as guardians of God and heaven, have delicate baby-like forms that remind us of the angels we know from our own lives.

Baby angel tattoos are popular designs that can be inked anywhere on the body, but the back is a common choice. Delicate designs extending from the shoulders to the lower back look beautiful with expert shading.

Another popular design features two angel wings joined together or paired with a butterfly wing for an eye-catching contrast. Wings can be combined with a rose or other floral motif, depending on personal preference.

These classic baby angel tattoos serve as lovely reminders and are ideal for girls and young women looking to stand out. Wings can be painted in black or grey, paired with other hues like pink or purple for a more dramatic aesthetic.

They can also be combined with other symbols, such as the cross, commonly used by Christians but adaptable for any religion.

Some people opt for a good angel and bad angel tattoo as a reminder of their conscience and the constant choices between good and evil.

Tattoos can be inked on any part of the body, but for a longer-term commitment, realistic designs are advisable. Upper back, shoulder, or chest areas are most common.


Baby angel tattoos symbolize purity, romantic love, and faith in God and angels, making them appealing to both men and women.

Many people get baby angel tattoos as a tribute to those they have lost, whether it be a child or pet, keeping their memories alive throughout their lifetime.

Cherubs are angels depicted in various religions and cultures, described as messengers and guardians of Heaven, especially for innocent souls that have passed away.

Cherub tattoos are adorably cute and stunning, conveying a strong desire for things in life and an ambition to reach success.

Different designs, such as cherubs with arrows or money bags, can add personal meaning. These designs are eye-catching and look amazing on the forearm or other body parts.

Crossed Arms

Angel tattoos are popular choices as they convey messages of protection, rebirth, divine guidance, and hope.

Some people get angel wing tattoos as memorials to deceased loved ones, incorporating names or halos as a comforting tribute.

Good and bad angel tattoos symbolize the conflict between good and evil, serving as inspiring reminders for those dealing with temptation or negative thoughts.

Angel wing tattoos are intensely personal and sentimental, with popular choices being baby angels, cherubs, or fallen angels.

Cherubs are ideal for children and women who desire a sweet, wholesome image, often chosen by parents as tributes to their children.

Cherubs in art are inspired by cherubims, revered as guardian angels in Christianity, providing protection and serving as protectors of innocent souls.

These designs can be small, ideal for those new to tattoos or as tributes to lost loved ones. Ink them on the upper arm, forearm, back, or chest for added impact.


Rainbow baby angel tattoos symbolize hope and renewal for parents who have experienced loss. These babies, known as sunshine or angel babies, bring light into mothers’ darkest hours.

Parents often choose rainbow tattoos to memorialize their late child while celebrating their new baby, representing the loss in multiple pregnancies and the hope that comes from it.

Rainbow heart tattoos combine vibrant colors with the heartbeat that mothers hear when delivering their first healthy child, serving as keepsakes.

Wrist or ankle tattoos are subtle and stylish options for honoring rainbow babies, customizable with names or initials.

Some designs incorporate two hearts as a touching tribute to lost siblings.

Rainbow tattoos shaped like trees symbolize family, honoring those who came before and will come after.

Watercolor rainbows are eye-catching, and you can incorporate them into various artworks.

Tattoos can express gratitude for precious children and the journey leading to them, with the option of adding a quote expressing sentiments.

To celebrate a rainbow baby’s arrival, consider hosting a baby shower ceremony, presenting special gifts and passing on family jewelry. Create an heirloom time capsule with meaningful items for the child’s future.