Best Friend Tattoos Ideas – How to Get a Matching Tattoo With Your Bestie

You are matching tattoos with your best friend isis an incredible way to symbolize your bond. It demonstrates that you both truly belong together and cannot imagine life without each other.

The beauty of these designs is that you can make them as straightforward or intricate as desired! Perfect if you only have a little time for designing; these options provide plenty.

Claddagh ring

The Claddagh ring is an iconic Irish design that symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. The heart symbolizes affection, the hands signify company, and the crown represents loyalty.

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These rings are part of an ancient European tradition known as a fede ring, meaning “hands joined in faith.” Originating from a fishing village near Galway in Ireland, these designs have been around since 1700; however, their design has evolved.

Three trees

If you’re searching for a way to celebrate your best friend without breaking the bank, get them something that reflects their style. If matching tattoos are your thing, the three-tree motif could be one of the most stylish ways to show how much you care about your partner.

Yggdrasil is the most iconic tree in Asgard and Niflheim, an ash tree connecting all realms. It stands at an impressively tall height.

Unsurprisingly, this ye old tree has become a favorite among tattoo artists, particularly those with an affinity for Nordic mythology. A contemporary equivalent would be a tree decked out in trinkets and baubles.

What’s more, the trees pictured here are lovely to gaze upon and very functional. They provide a handy place for storing small items – like your phone charger and keys – without fear of them getting lost in the shuffle.

They make for a convenient storage spot for bottles of wine or champagne, should the occasion arise. In short, these establishments provide an enjoyable alternative to the typical bar or club setting.

Three arrows

Arrows have a longstanding association with masculinity and war. But they can also signify friendship and devotion.

One of the most popular buddy tattoos features three intertwined arrows, symbolizing their lifetime bond. These arrows can be drawn in black ink and positioned in any direction to convey the meaning of friendship.

This design would look great as a group tattoo for friends or family members. For instance, three siblings could get matching three arrow tattoos to symbolize their lifelong bond and show their support.

When selecting a tattoo design, choosing something that holds meaning for you is essential. The ideal selection will be one that accurately represents both your individuality and lifestyle.

For instance, if you are a fan of the DC Comics character Green Arrow, getting inked with this symbol can express your devotion to superheroes. It could also symbolize good luck or vigilantism since Green Arrow is renowned for his heroic skillset.

Three hearts

One of the most popular and unique best friend tattoo ideas is getting matching designs for each other. These designs showcase your friendship in a way that only true friendship can.

Three heart tattoos make great matching friend tattoos, significantly if your styles or personalities differ. This design symbolizes your deepening connection to your best friend and that you will always be there for them.

You may choose to get two designs – one with sharp lines and the other with soft pastels – so your friendship can be improved by having similar aesthetics. Both methods remind you how far you’ve come together and their strength.

The Three of Swords card symbolizes a time when you may face an unpleasant circumstance, such as the end of a relationship. Although this distress causes deep sadness and loneliness, there remains hope for resolution.

Three flowers

Three flowers make an ideal friendship tattoo design, as they symbolize harmony and peaceful relationships with friends and family. Show gratitude for these special relationships by getting matching tattoos featuring all three flowers!

Many people get flower tattoos as symbols of love and femininity, but they also symbolize friendship. Exchanging matching flower tattoos with your best friend is an adorable way to show them that you cherish and care about them.

Some people opt for a tattoo of just a single flower to symbolize friendship and love, while others desire an entire floral bouquet. With bouquets, you can select blooms that symbolize different aspects of your relationship with that special someone – like roses for love or gladiolus for family ties.

One of the most popular flowers for friendship tattoos is the sunflower, which symbolizes loyalty and admiration. Another popular option is forget-me-not, symbolizing remembrance and honor. Other popular choices include a rose for love or a chrysanthemum for new beginnings.

Three leaves

Matching friend tattoos is ideal for demonstrating how deeply you care for one another. Whether you’ve been together for years or just started dating, friendship deserves recognition and should be honored in some way – the best way to do that is with permanent ink.

Matching tattoos offer the unique advantage of being placed where you choose — on your arm!