What to Expect From a 4-Hour Tattoo Session

A well-rested body is a must for any tattoo session. It helps the artist keep you alert and in tune with your body to read any signals you might give off during a session.

Bring snacks that can be quickly eaten during your session and won’t contaminate the work area. Staying hydrated helps maintain your physical strength during long sessions.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a symbolic design with many meanings across cultures. It can represent eternity, renewal, strength, wisdom, and connectedness. The symbol has held a significant role in many people’s lives, including in the Bible.

For those looking to express their love for family, the tree of life can also symbolize a strong bond between people. The branches of the tree can extend in different directions, reflecting a family’s growth and vitality. The roots can also delve deep into the metaphorical soil to signify heritage and tradition.

Consider adding a mandala or a heart to make your Tree of Life tattoo even more meaningful. A mandala is a circular pattern representing balance and harmony, making it a perfect complement to the meaning of a tree of life. A seat can add to the theme of family and love and make the tattoo more personal.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse character co-created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. He debuted in the 1928 animated black-and-white film Steamboat Willie and is the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company.

In addition to theatrical cartoon short films, he has appeared in many television series and direct-to-video features, including the 1995 film Runaway Brain and 1999’s Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers. Mickey is also the star of several Disney theme park attractions and has numerous merchandise items.

His original design, Iwerks, closely resembles Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but the character was redesigned to look more like Walt Disney himself. This change saw him lose his tail, gain rounded ears that changed with perspective, and have a more pear-shaped body. The current voice of Mickey is Bret Iwan, who took over the role from late actor R. Allwine. He has also voiced the character in several video games.


A tattoo session is usually a long process. It can be up to 8 hours or more, depending on the size and style of the tattoo. On average, it takes around 5 hours to finish a tattoo.

During tattooing, your body releases adrenaline and endorphins to help reduce pain. This makes getting a tattoo feel pleasurable, like the “runner’s high.” However, these natural pain relievers will start to wear off after 3-4 hours. So, preparing preparing for your tattoo session beforehand is essential by washing the tattoo area daily and bringing numbing cream.

Another tip is to bring only a few people to your tattoo session. Too many people can distract your artist and may cause you to cringe unnecessarily, which will make the process even more painful. Moreover, it can also affect the quality of your tattoo. It’s best to bring one or two friends who can help you relax and keep you company during tattooing.


Tattoos are healing wounds; your body must work extra hard to fight off infection. If you have a session scheduled too soon, it will increase your disease risk and make it harder for the tattoo to heal correctly.

If you know you cannot endure a long session (and it’s okay if you have anxiety or pain tolerance issues), speak up and tell your artist. They will understand and happily reschedule or help you break the tattoo into smaller sessions.

Get a good night’s rest and eat something before your appointment. Getting tattooed on an empty stomach will only add to the pain and could cause you to faint. Also, don’t apply any lotion or moisturizers on the day of your session because they may interfere with how the stencil is used. It’s best to shave the area to ensure the skin is clean and ready for inking.

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