3 Cross Tattoo Drawing – Christian Body Art

Tattooing three crosses is a meaningful way to remember Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. This is a recognized symbol in Christianity.

A three-cross design can be used to represent your journey of faith. Cross tattoos are often placed on arms. However, consider a more discreet location like your back. This could be a place for smaller designs. For instance, you could go for three small cross designs here.


Chest tattoos can be an expressive way to demonstrate your religious beliefs. They also allow for artistic expression. The chest area near the heart is a common choice for men. This is because it has space for larger designs.

Crosses symbolize faith and love. That’s why many Christians choose to wear them on their bodies.


The back is an essential part of our body. It protects the spinal cord, supports our limbs, and helps us maintain an upright position. The back also has strong muscles that can bear more weight than most body parts.

The three-cross tattoo is a potent Christian symbol. It represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. This can be a profound way to express your faith in Him. It can also symbolize seeking divine guidance.

The design of your tattoo can be adjusted according to personal preferences. It could be simple or detailed. You could also add biblical quotes and verses for a deeper meaning.


A cross tattoo can be an excellent choice if you belong to a faith community. There are various designs available for customization. You can choose something that matches your aesthetic preferences and personal taste.

You can choose between realistic or artistic designs to express your faith. For instance, a 3D cross can be an option. This design is sure to attract admiration.

Wrist tattoos are a popular choice because they are easily visible. Also, the wrist provides enough space for large designs. These designs are likely to remain unchanged over time.

An Angel Wing Cross Tattoo can be a potent symbol. It can represent life after death and faith in God. This tattoo can help remember loved ones who are no more. It also symbolizes new beginnings in life.


A three-cross tattoo can be a creative challenge for the artist. However, the result can look stunning on the body. This design can be incorporated into various parts of the body. You can choose from classic black crosses or bolder coloured ones.

They need to understand your design preference and personality. Both factors can make your tattoo memorable.

Before getting a tattoo, some planning might be helpful. A consultation with a tattoo artist can prevent potential mistakes. Finding the right professional can be a fun but challenging process. You can get helpful information by talking to previous customers.

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