Tattoos Behind the Ears – Cute, Discreet and Versatile

Tattoos behind the ears are cute, discreet, and versatile. These tattoos can be hidden or shown depending on your preference, and they are perfect for those looking to get a small, delicate piece of art.

Number Tattoos

Number tattoos are an excellent choice for a behind-the-ear tattoo because they can pack in a lot of meaning. You could go with your lucky number, a date that was significant to you, or even your birthday!


The stars in the sky have helped travelers find their way home and toward civilization much further back than history can tell. A star tattoo behind the ear can symbolize hope, ambition, or the desire to achieve high goals. This tattoo can also signify that you have reached a level of ‘stardom’ or are internationally known or famous.

Simple, Minimalist Tattoos

Simple, minimalist tattoos often look best behind the ear, mainly when they feature only one image. This is a good choice for people who want to show off their love of the stars without being too obvious.

Love Hearts

Small tattoos are on-trend and look particularly good when placed behind the ear. Discreet and feminine, these inkings can be anything from a flower to a cross or initials.

Infinity Symbol

An infinity symbol is a simple yet meaningful tattoo that looks great behind the ear. It can be combined with other images and logos to create designs that carry unique personal meaning.


Dragonflies often symbolize spiritual growth, which can be a good thing to have as a behind-the-ear tattoo. They can also represent rebirth and new beginnings.


A shell tattoo is the perfect way to show your love for the ocean. It can also symbolize protection, health, and good luck.


A bare cartoon boat can bring a touch of personality to the ear back area. It’s also ideal for anyone who feels connected to the ocean or water.


The ear area is limited, so tattoo lovers typically use simple designs. Solid black inkings like this leafy design behind the ear look clean and sharp on the skin.

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are also popular choices for ear tattoos. This turtle inking is an excellent choice since these animals symbolize strength, immortality, and fertility.

Musical Note

A musical note tattoo is an elegant way to express your love for music. It’s a classy and creative option for an ear tattoo.

Chinese Character

Chinese character tattoos are popular for behind-the-ear designs because they’re subtle and easily concealed. This beautiful tattoo features four Chinese characters inked in a stylish font.


Ear or behind-the-ear tattoos work best for small designs and are a great way to reserve this space for important things in life. Some people like to get the initials of their loved ones inked here.

Scissor Tattoos

Scissor tattoos are a great way to honor the people in your life who have helped you improve yourself by sharpening your instincts and becoming more independent. They also represent cutting ties with harmful influences.

Lightning Bolt

A lightning bolt tattoo behind the ear can represent many things for the wearer. It can symbolize strength, protection, and inspiration. It can also be used to show support for a cause.

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