Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas to Show Off Your Personality

Zodiac sign Tattoos can be an entertaining way to express yourself. From simple black-and-white symbols to more complex designs, you can show off your star sign in various creative ways.


Strong-willed Aries are unafraid to take life head-on, so the symbolism of a ram fits this sign.


Tattooed Taureans may identify with the symbolism of their zodiac sign – the Ram. Tattoos inspired by this can represent their steady and reliable nature and express their pride for Tauruses.


Geminis are ruled by Mercury, making them adept communicators. Air signs tend to change their minds quickly as well. Geminis can be like Alice, always asking “why.” Give them something that brings their minds and hands into balance: Give them a gemstone that helps ground them when their minds run wild!


Cancer people tend to be emotionally sensitive, which makes them very close to family and their loved ones. Their Tattoos should reflect this, hence why portraits or hearts may often appear.


Many people use Tattoos to define themselves and their personalities, and this Leo design is an outstanding example. Simple yet stunning – no doubt this design will stand the test of time.


Virgos are known to be thoughtful, analytical individuals with an artistic side – perfect traits to celebrate with one of these creative Virgo tattoo ideas!


People born under Libra’s sign strive to bring equilibrium and fairness into their world. Their symbol – the balancing scales – represents their desire for harmony, peace, and beauty in life.


Scorpios have an aptitude for unraveling mysteries and discovering hidden symbolism and motivations while being extremely intense and passionate about family matters.


Saggies are friendly and exuberant pets who possess an infectious joy for life. Their insatiable curiosity drives them towards exciting adventures such as traveling and philosophical discourses.


People born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn tend to be steady, disciplined, and ambitious – qualities that could be expressed through an eye-catching shoulder tattoo depicting its symbol.

Sensitive Cancers often exhibit deep emotions, so being reminded to pay attention to their feelings through an alluring floral tattoo would perfectly capture their hot and soft charm.