Z Image meaning – Why You Should Get One

The “Gen Z tattoo” trend has drawn some backlash due to its striking resemblance to the Nazi symbol. The design bears a disturbing resemblance to the Wolfsangel. The controversy sparked a hashtag #GenZtattoo. The person who wrote the trend is a longtime fan of the Gen Z trend, and she has written her Zs in this manner since elementary school. She has received death threats and people have started contacting her boyfriend to protest the resemblance.

The Z tattoo is a common symbol of white supremacy, but its roots go back to the neo-Nazi movement. A neo-Nazi symbol, the Wolfsangel, was used as a divisional insignia in Nazi Germany. Many people have this tattoo on their body, and the hashtag #genztattoo has garnered more than 24 million views on Twitter. Whether or not you decide to get one is a personal choice, but there are some things to consider when making your decision.


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