The Power of the Yin and Yang Tattoo – Why You Should Have One!

Chinese and Japanese Tattoo

The two sides of a yin yang symbol represent the interplay of yin (female energy) and yang (male energy). Meaning of Yin Yang Tattoo In the Chinese culture the Yin and Yang are opposites in nature but they still believe they complement each other. They believe the Yin attracts the Yang, which attracts the Yin, and that the two combine to make up the whole body. The Chinese believe this when they bring the Yin and Yang together they form the five elements believed to produce the world.

It is said that this yin and yang are very important in a person’s life. In this world where there is too much yang, this means there are too much energy and too many things happening at the same time. On the other hand, if the yin is not enough then it can cause an imbalance to the yang and cause problems to the whole body. Because of this the Yin is said to give life to the yang, therefore balancing out all aspects of the body.


There is a common myth about the Yin and Yang symbol; if the Yin and Yang are together, they will be equal in color. But when they are not together the Yin will have red in its color while the yang has green in it. This is because the yang is said to have more power. When the Yin and Yang are not together, there is a balance between them. This is a basic idea of the theory of yin and yang.

Some Chinese symbol tattoos also have a meaning. When this happens, it is known as the “Chinese character tat”. They are considered to be symbols for some of the major Chinese cultures. This can include the Chinese language, Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese medicine, and even a special Chinese calendar.


Small Tattoo Ideas – How to Find Unique Tattoo Design Ideas For Small and Hidden Skin

The Yin Yang symbol is a popular tattoo design. It represents balance and also brings the energies of yin and yang together. A yin yang tattoo is able to symbolize the concept of yin or yang. This balance must be constantly maintained by following certain basic principles such as: Avoid overexposure to direct sunlight; avoid too much stress and pressure; maintain proper diet; practice meditation; avoid emotional upset; avoid negative emotions such as anger and hate. Therefore, if you are interested in getting a small tattoo, this may be an ideal tattoo idea for you. Here are some more tattoo design ideas for small tattoo designs:

Chinese ideas

Chinese characters are commonly written using the Chinese ideographic script. The script is very easy to read. Most of the characters are very simple and easy to memorize. The Chinese character tattoos are used to portray emotions, philosophies, or thoughts. For instance, a symbol that represents anger or sadness can be represented by a blue flame, red, or black, or gold.

Many Chinese tattoos also portray the concepts of yin and yang through Chinese zodiac. Some of these tattoos have different pictures of the sun, moon, and the planets of the solar system. The symbols also have animals and plants that represent different colors of the zodiac.

Sometimes the Chinese characters are painted or drawn on the skin, such as on the arm, back, lower back, chest, and abdomen. Sometimes, Chinese characters can also be etched into a work of art or carved. This is especially popular with the Chinese character tattoos for men.

A Chinese tattoo is a good choice to symbolize your strong, feminine, or masculine qualities. The Yin-Yang are saying to bring about balance to one another and this combination is said to produce happiness and beauty.

Chinese characters represent many things. Some of these include prosperity, happiness, energy, and the five elements. The color blue represents peace and harmony, red represents fire, yellow represents water, and the elements represented by the metal and wood. For example, an apple tree represents the elements of water, fire, earth, and metal, and an iron sword represents metal and wood. All these symbols can come from the five elements.

There are several Chinese character designs that you can choose from. The most popular ones are:

A Chinese character tat is a good choice to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These Chinese character designs are a good choice because they help you connect to your inner self and make you feel good about yourself.

As mentioned before, a Chinese character tat is a good choice to symbolize your emotions and inner self. This is why many people have chosen to have this tattoo done inked onto their body. It shows the power of the two yin-yang that you want to express, whether it’s love or happiness.

Why is a Yin Yang Tattoo So Popular?

The yin-yang tattoo, also known as Taijitu, represents a traditional black and white symbol found in Ancient China and is still relevant in modern-day Taoist philosophies. In totem form, this symbol has been modified into a variety of styles, so that the original look can be altered without losing any meaning whatsoever.

Yin yang figure

The most popular yin-yang design is one that depicts an ever changing Yin-Yang figure, with a central symbol consisting of a long black symbol and various smaller Yin-Yang symbols surrounding it. Often the figure is rendered with a Yin-Yang symbol being on either side of the central symbol, which can sometimes also be changed to accommodate the placement of other symbol in the design.

Yin yang tattoo Symbol

The Yin symbol in Chinese culture is very unique and is meant to represent a balance between yin-yang, or positive and negative forces. It can also represent the energy of life and death. The Yin-Yang symbol is also very common among ChineseĀ  designs, as the symbol is related to the four elements (water, wood, fire, and earth) and the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter).

Various color

Since this symbol is usually rendered in black ink, it is often combined with other colors and styles, creating a unique and interesting design. The most commonly used colors for this design include yellow, red, blue, purple, green, and orange.

There are actually many different colors that can be combined with the Yin-Yang symbol to make a unique design, depending on the person who will have the tattoo. Some artists make their own versions of this design by combining different color swatches, but it can also be purchased or drawn from a parlor.

Other popular yin-yang tattoo designs incorporate a lot of bright colors, such as vibrant pinks, blues, and reds, and there is also one that depicts the Yin-Yang symbol in blue and green. Some people also choose to have a variation of the Yin-Yang symbol in green, although this will require more complex tattooing than that of a simple color.

Another common Yin-Yang symbol that is considered to be a great choice is the image of an open book. Many people like this design because they believe that it represents the infinite potential of this symbol. This is actually the image of a book with a red page inside of it. The book itself is always black, so the open book is always a blank page, yet the book’s color scheme can vary depending on the person who will have the tat.


If you are looking for a tattoo that will convey your spirituality, the Yin-Yang symbol is certainly a good choice. Although this symbol may not be right for everyone, if you are looking for a spiritual message that will last for a long time, the Yin-Yang symbol is definitely one you should consider. As with all tattoos, you should always remember that while your tattoo may say what you want it to say, it is also your body’s way of telling the world that you love yourself and are proud of who you are.


To give a person’s tattoo some meaning, it is recommended that you choose a design that is similar to the Yin-Yang symbol. This can be done by choosing a tattoo that is related to another important symbol that the person will use in their life. For example, if someone has an animal totem, they might want their tattoos to represent that animal. In order to get a good representation of the Yin Yang symbol, one could choose to have their tat look like a dragon, tiger, bear, fish, or even a crane.


A very unique tattoo design is the butterfly, since this symbol is very representative of beauty and life. If you want your tat to have meaning, but do not want to choose a plan that is too specific, this design might be a great choice.

It is important to remember that the Yin-Yang symbol is a positive symbol that you should take into consideration when choosing your tattoo. This is because its color symbolizes balance, and it is said that balance is the basis for all things. Because it is a yin symbol, you will also be able to connect your tat with the Yin-Yang energy in your life, which is the energy your body needs to remain healthy. You can learn more about this yin energy by visiting our website.

In tattoo meaning and design ideas, are the combination of the two different colors. A Yin is a great symbolic symbol for those who want to have a more balanced life.

Yin tattoos are also known as “feminine” tattoos and are believed to represent the feminine side of a person. It’s a powerful reminder to not only accept and love the good in every situation, but also the evil. When you are surrounded by the light of love, it’s easier to see and deal with the evil that comes your way.

Red and white

A tattoo meaning can be found in Yin designs. It’s usually interpreted to represent the idea of balance. It can be represented by the Yin-Yang or yin and yang symbol. The Yang side of the symbol is represented by the color red, while the Yin side represents white.

This is because Yin tattoos can represent the concept that people can get along even if they don’t agree. They may also represent how a person can work together to make a compromise and work together for the betterment of the group or organization.

Yin tattoos are often found in tribal designs, such as the one on the right, which has a flower on either side. If you are getting a tribal design, these are also very popular choices, but you can find many more abstract designs that have the Yin and Yang in it.

There are many other ways that the Yin and Yang can be represented in a tattoo. The sun and moon are commonly combined with a combination of colors. Some popular combinations include black and orange, green and yellow, and purple. Orange and red are two colors that are often found together as well.

Sun and moon yin and yang tattoo

The Sun and Moon design combines black and orange and yellow. The combination of black and orange and green is known as the “Black Moon” symbol, while the combination of black and red and purple is known as the “Red Moon”.

These are just some of the meanings that can be seen with a tattoo of the Yin and Yang. Choosing to have this type of design inked into your body will give you many different options for your totem.

The Yin side of the tattoo can have some very positive benefits for your overall health. Because of the nature of Yin and Yang, you are generally calm and peaceful when you are in this state of mind, and it makes your body a lot less likely to experience a panic attack.

Yin and yang tattoos

Yin and Yang tattoos can be a great way to show your inner feelings, whether it is happiness or sadness. If you want a design that shows the two sides of your personality in tattoo form, then the Yin side of the tattoo is definitely a great choice.

The Yin side of the tattoo can also symbolize that you are compassionate and kind, or have a more passive personality. You can find this Yin side of the tattoo on any area on your body.


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