Worst Celebrity Tattoos That Will Make You Cringe

Celebrities’ Poor Tattoo Choices

Celebrities, just like anyone else, can make lousy tattoo decisions. They have gone from simple doodles to offensive designs, leaving us questioning their taste. Cheryl Cole’s large rose tattoo on her backside is unattractive and doesn’t suit her. Similarly, Chris Brown’s controversial neck tattoo depicting an assaulted woman received criticism.

Ke$ha’s “Suck It!” Lip Tattoo

Celebrities often turn to Tattoos for self-expression, but sometimes they take it too far with cringeworthy designs. Ke$ha’s lip tattoo, saying “Suck It!” was meant to respond to her music career critics but ended up causing controversy. The plan was later covered up due to its resemblance to a battered woman.

Carey Hart’s Dead Wife Tattoo

Even celebrities with access to top tattoo artists can make bad choices. Examples include Louis Tomlinson’s oversized writing tattoo and Hayden Panettiere’s misspelled Japanese tattoo. Some fans also express their devotion by getting celebrity portraits, some of which turn out adorable, while others are less so.

Dennis Rodman’s Scary Tattoo Collection

Despite being judged for their looks and personal choices, celebrities are not immune to making mistakes with their body art. Johnny Depp’s controversial ketchup tattoo and Ariana Grande’s mistaken Japanese hand tattoo are examples of such errors. Dennis Rodman, known for his bizarre tattoos, got an enormous face tattoo of his partner, Yella Yella.

Ariana Grande’s Japanese Tattoo

Even celebrities can make unwise choices when selecting tattoo designs. Ariana Grande’s attempt to get a tattoo spelling out “7 Rings” translated to “Japanese barbecue grill.” Her subsequent correction needed to clear up the confusion, adding further complexity to the tattoo.