Where to Get Your First Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are an excellent choice for a first tattoo, providing ample canvas space and are relatively painless. Consider the placement of the tattoo to have control over who can view it. The outer forearm is optimal, while the inner forearm may be more painful due to thin skin.


The chest is often chosen as an ideal spot for a first tattoo. This area stretches less over time, allowing the tattoo to remain relatively consistent. Keep in mind that sun exposure can cause premature fading.


Women looking for a tattoo that reflects their identity often place it on their wrists. The wrist is easily concealable and provides an opportunity to showcase your art. Tattooing on the wrist is one of the least painful ways to add permanent art.


Women often start by inking their ankles for their first tattoo. The ankle provides ample surface area for various styles and designs. Getting an ankle tattoo tends to be less painful than in other areas.