When Was the First Tattoo?

When people talk about when was the first tattoo they usually mean the time when someone decided that they wanted to get inked. There are many different reasons why people get inked, but what is not commonly known is when was the first tattoo done for people? Pictures have been around for centuries and it is believed that the oldest example of tattooing came from the ancient Egyptians. People from this era used different parts of their body as places to get inked. They would use these parts as reminders of things or for good luck.

There are many theories about when the first tattooing took place but it is mostly agreed that it was during the ancient period of Egyptian culture. Evidence of tattooing was found in tomb murals during this time and it is also believed that the people in Egypt created their own pictures when they were starting to form communities, similar to how it is done today. With all the evidence, it would be very difficult to argue against the theory that Picture design actually originated with the ancient Egyptian culture.

When Was the First Picture drawing Done? – Tribal Image meaning Revealed


Pictures are believed to have been developed during prehistoric times when people were not yet hooked on to using weapons and other tools. When the designs that these tools left were discovered, some of these designs became popular with the people and it was then that pictures were first introduced to the tribal people. This period in history has now been turned into tattooing as a popular fashion among the young people and this explains why there are still a lot of tribal picture designs being used today. When was the first picture drawing done for a tribal design, you may wonder?

tattoo Artwork – When Was The First Picture drawing Made?


While the practice of tattooing has been prevalent for centuries, many people do not know where tattooing began. Some have theories that it may have been related to the use of herbs during ancient times. Some other beliefs are that tattooing may have been prevalent in ancient Egypt, or it may have been common among the people of the New Stone Age. Whatever the origins, one thing is certain; in many places around the world today, tattooing is a popular way for individuals to decorate their bodies. Here are some of the top five best Image drawings when was the first tattoo drawn, and why:


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