Tribal Hand Tattoo Designs

Tribal hand tattoo designs are an excellent way to express your spiritual beliefs. Depending on their placement and configuration, these tattoos can serve as stand-in designs or part of a complete arm sleeve design. They have an appealing, symmetrical style that makes an impactful statement about who you are.

Owls have long been revered as symbols of wisdom and knowledge in tribal cultures. Owl Tattoos can express your knowledge, while wolf tattoos show your wild side. Dream catchers and totem poles symbolize virtue as well.

The cross tribal tattoo design stands out as one of the most striking and exquisite crosses available today, making an eye-catching statement about spirituality while simultaneously reminding wearers to keep faith strong during trying times. It looks fantastic on men’s biceps.

The cross is an emblem that holds various symbolic meanings for people across cultures and eras, representing things such as dedication, self-sacrifice, freedom from oppression, family love, or even paying respect to a deceased loved one. Tribal crosses are an eye-catching combination with other symbols like shark teeth, spearheads, or waves.

Cyber-tribal Tattoos have become an increasingly popular trend, featuring thick black lines and symmetrical shapes in a style resembling medieval swords or veins forming rivers. While it’s divisive, some compare its design to barbed wire, while others claim it resembles varicose veins.

Tribal tattoos can be beautiful forms of art when treated with respect. Unfortunately, when not executed properly, they may offend those they represent – including tourists who don’t understand their meaning and get them simply for fashion reasons without understanding why centuries-old spiritual practices should not become superficial fashion statements.

Tribal Tattoos look fantastic, and an upper arm tattoo is ideal for displaying them. After all that pain-inducing needlework and sitting time spent getting it, why not show it off!?

Animals play an integral part in tribal tattoo designs. Wolves symbolize loyalty, while their fierce, wild nature is an excellent example of strength. The sun often features in these designs to represent leadership and light. Humpback whales also represent spiritual sustenance from the ocean – this Samoan design can only come alive with such artwork!

Butterfly Tattoos are an elegant way to show your passion for nature. These striking creatures symbolize love, life, beauty, and rebirth – and often serve as symbols for femininity and beauty in its rarest forms. Some even combine this iconic creature with skull imagery to represent death and new beginnings.

Tattoos that combine butterflies and roses are also an attractive and spiritual choice, especially among women, as they symbolize love, beauty, nature, and your desire to preserve both. Women often opt for this design, which represents both romance and spirituality. The pairing can also tell your commitment to keeping these species alive.

For those who believe in a higher power, a butterfly tattoo could symbolize the souls of those who have passed into eternity. Christians could include an additional design with their tattoo to show their devotion to Christianity.