Traditional Couple Tattoos

tattoos can be applied to the ring finger with various designs that suit your lifestyle and personality. They are cheaper and long-lasting than jewelry, and you can personalize them.

King and Queen of Hearts

The King and Queen of Hearts tattoo is a timeless design that represents love and luck.

Deer Kings and Queens

Deer King and Queen tattoos are increasingly popular among couples of all ages. These tattoos display devotion and deep love for each other. Crowns are typically placed on the outer sleeve or arm, but the top of the thigh can also work.

Twin Hearts

The Twin Hearts tattoo is an iconic symbol of undying affection. It can be placed anywhere on the chest or wrists.

Intertwined Hands

An intertwined hands tattoo symbolizes how two individuals complete each other and share a mutual commitment in all areas of life. It is often placed on the ring finger, believed to correspond with the vein leading directly to the heart.


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Soulmate Matching Feather

Soulmate-matching tattoos demonstrate the strong bond between two people. Designs can range from puzzle pieces that match to symbols representing their common interests and passions.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos are popular among couples who draw inspiration from Disney films. These characters have been depicted as cute, musical, and flirtatious lovers in their cartoon series.

Rose Puzzle

Rose puzzle tattoos are beloved by couples as they symbolize love and offer creativity in body art. Roses have always been a timeless symbol of love, and there are numerous floral-themed tattoo designs to choose from.