Traditional Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos have long been one of the most renowned trends among women. They are considered symbols of freedom, beauty, and renewal. These classic tattoos feature vivid, bold colors, simple black outlines, and minimal shading. If you’re considering getting one of these tattoos of a butterfly in this style, there are numerous ways you can add symbolism and make it truly yours.


Traditional butterfly tattoos feature realistic wings to give them a natural, lifelike appearance, as opposed to more cartoon-like or intricate designs that contain too many details. Realism in art refers to depictions that faithfully portray subjects, whether natural or social, in nature or society. Artists using this style shun any idealization and emphasize detail and accuracy in their paintings. Realism is an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of drawing as it forces you to analyze your reference and be precise when painting it. Furthermore, it encourages paying attention to tonal values and shadows – the cornerstones of creating realistic imagery.

Black and Gray

Traditional butterfly tattoos can add beauty and color to your torso or limb, making you appreciate life and its natural elements. A butterfly tattoo can also be a powerful statement about who you are by showing how much you care. These butterfly designs come in various hues, but black and gray versions stand out remarkably. Diluted black ink creates washes of gray that make the details of each butterfly stand out against the skin. These tattoos are perfect for men who desire a bold and striking butterfly design that stands out. Expertly handcrafted with heavy planes of black ink and plenty of shading to add depth, they make for unique designs that stand out from the crowd.

Single Line

Tattoos that depict traditional butterfly symbolism have long been popular. Their delicate wings symbolize change, freedom, and growth. tattoos can also provide comfort or inspiration during difficult times as a great way to personalize and add meaning to a design. Dependent upon the artist, tattoos come in all styles and sizes – so experimentation may help find what fits you best! If you want a classic butterfly tattoo, the shoulder blade provides the ideal canvas area to design intricate, elaborate patterns that will last a lifetime. Small butterfly tattoos can add a feminine touch without going too far. Shoulders, clavicles, and wrists are ideal spots, as these areas are associated with femininity.

Whip Shading

Whip shading can add an elegant, feminine touch to any butterfly tattoo design, giving it a truly distinctive and beautiful appearance when executed correctly. Although challenging, whip shading produces stunning and unique results when completed successfully. Start dark, then fade to a lighter gradient as you move the machine away from your skin. Butterfly body art has long been popular due to its delicate appearance and symbolic meanings; butterflies often represent new beginnings and rebirth.


Snakes have long been used as an iconic theme in tattoo designs and remain one of the most beloved designs today. They can be created in several ways and are popularly placed across various body parts, including chest, arm, and leg tattoos. Japanese tattoos feature snakes in coiling designs similar to dragons. This animal often symbolizes protection and ability and may represent Japanese folklore. Traditional butterfly tattoos feature snakes as part of their design, often in combination with another creature, such as a butterfly. This combination creates suspense and makes the tattoo stand out from the crowd.