The Best Temporary Water Tattoos

Water-based temporary tattoos that contain FDA-approved colorants are the best temporary tattoos, suitable for application on children and lasting up to two weeks on the skin.

Easy Application

Water-based temporary tattoos make application easy, making them suitable for people of all ages and genders.

Before applying a water-based tattoo, ensure the skin is clean and dry to help ensure the ink adheres better and lasts longer. Doing this will allow the tattoo to adhere better and remain in place longer.

Temporary tattoos are typically printed onto paper or plastic films coated with sizing agents and non-stick silicone release coating to assist with image transfer to the skin. This helps the printed image separate from its backing paper for easier transference onto the skin.

Safety Precautions

Temporary water tattoos offer an effective, safe, and cost-efficient means of creating promotional marketing materials. Easy to apply and available in various designs – they make promotional marketing materials stand out among their competition!

Temporary tattoos that feature natural henna powders without additives or chemicals are considered safe for skin application without triggering allergic reactions.

However, certain types of henna should not be applied directly to the skin, including products marketed as “black henna” or “pre-mixed henna.” Black henna contains coal-tar dye paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is linked to various health concerns, and FDA recommends consumers opt for quality natural henna-based temporary tattoos instead.


Temporary water tattoos can be an excellent promotional tool for businesses and organizations.

They are highly resilient and come in various designs to meet every need, without containing any chemicals or toxic substances that might endanger our safety.

Temporary tattoos have become a trendy party favor for children’s birthday parties. They allow guests to show their unique personalities through this expressive form of body art.

Temporary tattoos come in various varieties to meet any budget and preference, such as press-on decals, paint-on designs, and henna. You can select one according to personal taste and budget considerations.

Temporary tattoos inspired by famous artwork can also be found, making a great statement about your appreciation of fine arts.

Marketing Power

Water tattoos are an excellent way to promote your business or service and reach new customers while expanding your email list.

They can help to boost your Google ranking and expand brand recognition, all at an economical and practical price point.

Temporary tattoos have become an inexpensive means of advertising their company or brand at trade shows. They’re an easy and cost-effective way to increase booth traffic.

Give out waterless tattoos at local trade shows and tell attendees that if they wear their dry tattoo within three days of receiving it, they could receive special promotions or enter promotional drawings!

This tactic can effectively drive trade show traffic directly to your retail store and increase the customer base over time. As a bonus, give those receiving waterless tattoos something like a bag or t-shirt featuring your brand or product!