10+ Celebrity Tear drop tattoo ideas and meanings

The tattooed tear drop under the eye goes back to at any rate the 1960’s and it imagery shifts relying upon the position on the face and if the tear drop is filled in or empty. An empty tear drop regularly symbolizes that the wearer has lost a friend or family member and they are for all time crying, however the unfilled tear drop can likewise symbolize a yearning for revenge. On the off chance that this revenge is completed as homicide the tear drop tattoo is then filled in. Nowadays anybody and everybody have tear tattoos. Lost are where just reprobates marked tears to their appearances. Presently you can see them on young ladies, teenagers and everybody in the middle.

These tattoos are frequently found in places other than the face also. They might be fused into different tattoos, or might be remain solitary tattoos. Some utilization those as a dedication type tattoo, where it speaks to the misfortune and distress of losing somebody close them. Others just get them for the plan and their very own reasons.

Other than jail related implications, the teardrop has likewise been utilized to demonstrate that a friend or family member has died. Somebody close the adored one would get the tattoo as an approach to look for conclusion and recall the loved one who passed away. As indicated by somewhere in the range of, a framework of a teardrop is utilized to imply that a friend passed on. In the event that the outline is filled in, at that point it implies that the tattoo wearer looked for retribution for the companion’s demise.

Like the name proposes, the teardrop is ordinarily set below the eyes to demonstrate where a tear would really fall. Since this can be an issue in the working environment, a few people utilize the tattoo in different areas also.

The passing of a relative or companion

Time spent in jail

The wearer killed somebody

The wearer was assaulted in jail

The wearer loves somebody in jail


Today, a ton of popular celebrities in the standard like Amy Winehouse and Lil’ Wayne have gotten tattooed with these designs many extravagant themes in which you can plan a tears tattoo for themself and spot it on the cheek bones or close to the edge of the eye. This position causes them to seem like genuine tear.

Amy Winehouse tattoo

Amy Winehouse had a tears tattoo below the eye.


Sky Ferreira tattoo

Tears tattoos on the face have numerous customary implications, one of their imageries is that the wearer has been to jail. Sky Ferreira got hers on her finger to pay tribute to rapper Lil Wayne.

Johnny depp

The Tears tattoo popular by entertainer Johnny depp whiny brat character of the motion movie Crybaby .

Lil wayne tattoo

The multimillionaire rapper Lil Wayne has tears tattoo, and it is one of the most outstanding tattoos on his body. The rapper’s tattoo has some sort of association with Bloods pack.

Lena Dunham tattoo

Lena Dunham has a small tears tattoo to her left index finger.

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus has a minor tear drop tattoo to her left side index finger which matches her sister Miley Cyrus. She has just had it corrected once however the shading doesn’t appear to remain. In many pictures just the dark outline is visible.

Linda Perry tattoo

Linda Perry has a tears tattoo underneath her left eye.

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez commended the arrival of her debut collection Crybaby on August 14, 2015 by getting a tattoo of a blue tears on her right lower arm.

Kreayshawn tear drop tattoo

Kreayshawn has tear drops on both of her index fingers which show when she claims to wipe tears from her eyes.

Cher Lloyd tear drop tattoo

Cher Lloyd got this crying eye tattoo to her left side arm to speak to the majority of the pity and battles that she has looked in her life.



The tear drop tattoo or tear tattoo is an emblematic tattoo of a tear that is set underneath the eye. The tear drop is one of the most broadly perceived prison tattoos and has different implications: it can mean that the wearer has invested energy in prison; that the wearer was assaulted while detained and tattooed with a tear under the eye by the offending party, this was a method for “denoting” a detainee as property or to freely embarrass the prisoner as face designs can’t be covered up. It can recognize the departure of a family or individual pack part; or now and again, that the wearer has slaughtered somebody. Some of the time the accurate importance of the tattoo is just known by the wearer. The tattoo’s significance additionally can change contingent upon whether the tear is unfilled or is loaded up with ink.

Tattoo in Australia

In Australia, detainees who had been placed in jail on sex crimes or kid attack charge were coercively given tear tattoo meaning their violations.

Prisoner Teardrop tattoos

One of the most broadly perceived jail tattoos, the tear’s importance changes geologically. In certain spots, the teardrop can mean a long jail sentence, while in others it connotes that the wearer has submitted murder.

Types and designs

Teardrop tattoos are tattooed in dark ink. These designs by and large seem, by all accounts, to be blue, however, on the grounds that they are typically applied in prisons without expert tattoo gear or ink, and the dark ink blurs to blue. Situated underneath and outwardly edge of either eye or on the cheekbone, tear drop designs have a few unique structures.

A teardrop that is shaded in totally with ink speaks to a homicide submitted by the wearer.

A teardrop with just a outline speaks to the demise of a friend or family member.

On the off chance that the tear drop is filled in with ink on the base and the top is only a blueprint, the individual submitted murder as revenge for an individual pack part or cherished one.

Left or Right Eye- In certain packs, what eye the tattoo is under symbolizes slaughtering an individual, losing a companion or an inward disturbance. For example, a tattoo under the left eye may symbolize killing an individual, while a right eye tattoo can symbolize individual pain or misfortune.

Various teardrops can speak to different homicides, or might speak to the quantity of years that have been served in prison. Once in a while every tear drop speaks to one individual killed or one year in prison, while in different cases every one can speak to 10 or 20 individuals or years each. The number it doesn’t as a rule hold a huge importance, yet it is an approach to separate one teardrop tattoo from the majority of the others.

The teardrop speaks to sorrow, despair, and conceivable grieving along these lines and can be structured in an assortment of ways. At the point when not on the face, it is frequently found on the finger or various drops on different fingers. It is commonly set on the forefinger or fingers so that the finger(s) can be set under the eye to speak to falling tears. Along these lines, the teardrop tattoo is an image of feeling without getting a tattoo on the face. T

The teardrop might be rendered progressively like a heart shape with a twofold bended top or base to bring an adoration subject into the image. This should likewise be possible with memorial designs or with increasingly conventional love tattoos. Despite the fact that numerous other love designs are more mainstream than the teardrop, some consider this to be probably the best one on the grounds that the proprietor is eager to demonstrate their adoration for another person all over for the remainder of their lives.

Regularly, the best tattoo position for a teardrop is below the eye or on the cheek. A few people may wish to join teardrop designs into increasingly traditional designs , which can totally change the importance related with prison tattoos.

From a psychological viewpoint, the individuals who wear this kind of tattoo are probably going to be to somewhat narcissistic in nature, as the tattoo is about the self as opposed to other people or the world on the loose. A few wearers of this tattoo might be violent, seriously defrauded or basically wish to express their inward disturbance to the world. Be that as it may, an individual with this tattoo is likewise liable to be very faithful, maybe to say the least, just as solid and ready to live through strife. Frequently an intense outside might be off-putting to other people, while the genuine ‘delicate heart’ of the wearer is concealed to anticipate being harmed. Numerous people with this tattoo live with concern at past wrongs and feel their appearance speaks to this.

A tattoo on the face is a genuine decision that can’t be effectively switched. Motivations to pick a teardrop tattoo are hardly any. This is primarily because of the negative meanings the tattoo is related with. Now and again, a well known individual may wish to pass on a false swagger. In different cases, those related with a pack way of life may wish to indicate solidarity or express agony at the demise of a friend or family member. All things considered, a teardrop tattoo is regularly not a good decision for the normal individual.


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