Tattoos That Mean Love

Finding a meaningful tattoo is essential when selecting one to ink on your body. Here are some ideas for Tattoos that symbolize love.

Extracts from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116

Some people choose extracts from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 as a tattoo. This line, ‘Let not the marriage of true minds admit impediments,’ can be a classy way of expressing affection.

Roman’s Tattoo Tips

Roman suggests hydrating, eating healthily, and carrying snacks to make getting a tattoo easier.


Lilies are beautiful flowers that hold great symbolic value. They represent purity, innocence, hope, renewal, and rebirth. A lily tattoo is a meaningful way to show your love and care.

Beautiful Lily Blossom Tattoo

This beautiful lily blossom tattoo is ideal for showcasing your feminine side. Its wavy lines and elegant yet mysterious vibe make it a special reminder of someone sweet and caring.

Medium-Sized Lily Tattoo

This medium-sized lily tattoo looks stunning on wheat and fair skin tones. The wavy petals and intricate details give it a realistic look. It is a perfect design for the thigh, shoulder, or back.


Angel tattoos symbolize love and hope, representing romantic bonds between two people. Depending on the desired meaning, they can range from large and elaborate designs to delicate ones. Angels can also be combined with other patterns for added impact.

Angel Wings Tattoos

Angel wing Tattoos are commonly used to honor deceased loved ones. They also represent innocence, purity, happiness, guidance, and protection. Dark angels, like Lucifer, can hold more somber messages associated with past relationships or starting over. Leg tattoos provide a suitable canvas for this style.


Tattoos of names can be a way to express affection for loved ones and remind them of their importance in our lives. Consider adding symbols like bow and arrow imagery representing Cupid, the Roman god of love.

Heliconia Flowers

Heliconia flowers are tropical plants that symbolize affection, nobility, power, and respect. They are an ideal choice for a meaningful reminder of cherished individuals. Other flowers like hibiscus can also represent nobility, power, and respect.

Larkspur Flower

The Larkspur Flower symbolizes love, innocence, and affection. It is sometimes referred to as Mary’s tears. Combining it with other flower symbols like roses or daisies adds further significance.


The heart is an iconic symbol with multiple meanings. It represents love, unity, compassion, and the center of spiritual being. In religious contexts, the Sacred Heart symbolizes Jesus’ passion and compassion. It symbolizes luck, life, honor, vitality, and friendship.

Tattooed Heart Designs

Heart Tattoos can represent lost love or broken hearts. A broken or fragmented heart may symbolize unrequited desire, while flames can represent passion. Bloodied hearts represent pain or grief, while stitched ones convey memorializing loved ones or undergoing healing processes.

Heart Lock Tattoos

Heartlock Tattoos are a beautiful symbol of soulmates and the notion that only they can unlock our hearts.