Tattoo Kits


Tattoo kits contain all the tools and machinery required to insert ink onto the skin, instructional materials, and practice skins for practice purposes. However, for optimal use, they should always be under professional guidance.

Dragonhawk Full 2pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Kit

Tattooing is a specialty profession that demands dedicated tools. An ideal tattoo machine kit should be lightweight, easily assembled, with low vibration and noise, a powerful motor, and a long battery life. For beginners in this field, the Dragonhawk Traditional Pro Complete Tattoo Kit makes an excellent starting point, featuring two brass coil tattoo machines and supplies suited to intricate line work and gradient shading styles.

This kit includes:

Ideal for beginners as each set includes a detailed manual that helps guide users in using them; made from quality materials for optimal performance, this tattoo gun kit can accommodate both novices and professional tattooists alike!

MOMs Millennium Tattoo Ink Kit

The MOMs Millennium tattoo ink kit provides you with everything necessary for practicing and creating your signature style of tattooing. Included are ten wrap coils for lining and shading, aftercare anti-scar ointment, black latex gloves, skin marker pens, and hex wrenches.

This set of colors boasts exceptional pigments that create vibrant hues without altering their shades and are vegan-friendly without toxic ingredients. The color palette of this tattoo ink collection is also stunning, featuring both primary colors and rare pastel tones.

Dragonhawk Full 4pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Kit

This kit comes equipped with a tattoo machine capable of lining and shading. Its frame is constructed of high-grade iron with special surface treatment, while its spring is composed of composite material offering durability and strength. Lightweight yet strong, this machine allows users to practice tattooing for extended periods without hand fatigue. Furthermore, the package has a digital power supply, a foot pedal, immortal inks, sterile needles, and a case.

This complete tattoo kit is ideal for beginners looking to start practicing before working on natural skin. The kit contains two coil tattoo machines that work well together, an LED-readout power supply, a foot pedal and clip cord, needles in different sizes, and a case.

Dragonhawk Full 3pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Kit

Tattoo machines vary depending on the work that needs to be completed; selecting an appropriate device depends mainly on what kind of artwork is being undertaken – for instance, rotary tattoo machines excel in linework, while coil tattoo machines excel at shading and color packing. Deciding upon an effective tattoo machine for your business is vital for success.

The Dragonhawk Full 3pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Kit is an essential basic and comprehensive kit for novice tattoo enthusiasts. Including two professional machines (one for lining and shading) and a power supply, foot pedal, clip cord, and more essential accessories, this package contains everything needed to begin tattooing.

Tattoo machines constructed of cast iron and superior composite material for ultimate durability and versatility, featuring ten wrap coils with anti-fatigue springs to provide long-term anti-fatigue support and LED digital display power supplies providing consistent power output with smooth, consistent power delivery, as well as disposable tips. Each tattoo machine kit also comes complete with EO sterilized needles.