Tattoos Fonts and Lettering Styles



Script fonts are ideal for formal designs such as wedding invitations and other upscale materials. They are also great for branding projects that require sophistication or logo creation. Choose a script font that adds elegance to your tattoo design and expresses your affectionate side. This style creates an authentic feel and makes your tattoo genuinely unique.


Serif fonts offer an elegant and traditional aesthetic, making them suitable for professional businesses like law practices and insurance agencies. They add sophistication to branding projects. Serif fonts are easily readable and durable, making them perfect for tattoos with names, quotes, short phrases, and memorial tattoos. Adequate spacing between each letter/number is necessary for legibility over time.


Gothic fonts add an artistic flourish to tattoo designs, providing striking lettering for numbers and words with personal significance. Consider the size and location of your tattoo when selecting a Gothic font. Different fonts can create other effects based on placement.


Blackletter fonts are elegant and timeless, suitable for various projects like t-shirt designs, album covers, branding, and tattoo lettering. Fraktur, a blackletter style developed from Textura, is famous for Gothic-themed designs and titles. Zouk typeface combines modern and vintage letterforms, alternate characters, and stylistic swashes, giving your gothic tattoo design extra character and style.


Chicano fonts are inspired by Mexican-American art movements of the 1960s, commonly used for graffiti and lettering designs. Chicano culture has a distinct identity, values, and customs, with strong political power and activism in the United States. Chicano tattoos are a meaningful way to express individuality.

By understanding the different lettering styles and fonts available, you can choose the perfect font for your tattoo that reflects your personality and makes a statement.