Tattoo Suit – Cover Your Tattoos With a Tattoo Suit

Employers in the US can legally discriminate against employees and applicants with Tattoos based on legal restrictions such as dress codes and grooming policies that mandate covering tattoos.


Bodysuits are essential wardrobe pieces worn casually or sensuously for any occasion. As the perfect base layer, bodysuits create a flattering and curve-enhancing silhouette. They come in various styles like lace, cutout, and sheer, suitable for every event and situation. Bodysuits can be paired beautifully with jeans or vegan leather pants for a memorable night or romantic date. They often come with built-in bras for extra support and can be worn with low-beam nipple concealers or bralettes for added comfort and style.


Sleeve Tattoos take full advantage of your arm’s 3D canvas, stretching from shoulder to wrist and sometimes extending to the hand and fingers. When selecting an artist for this style, consider the theme and their ability to create a cohesive design. Transitional elements like leaves, patterns, flowers, water, or smoke may be added to ensure a unified look. Choosing one art style for all the Tattoos on your sleeve can help maintain cohesiveness. Getting a full-sleeve tattoo requires financial and time investment, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once.


Backpieces are extensions of bodysuits that cover your whole back, buttocks, and thighs. They are often done in Japanese style but are also becoming famous for black work designs and traditional American patterns. Design development can take time and may involve multiple iterations. Once a design is chosen, a stencil is applied to guide the tattooing process. The size and complexity of the invention determine the completion time. Proper aftercare, which includes washing twice daily with scent-free soap and moisturizing, is essential to reduce scarring and promote healing. Avoiding sun exposure and harmful chemicals is also advised.


Japanese bodysuits feature prominent backpieces (nukibori) that cover the entire backside with repeating elements like cherry blossoms, peonies, chrysanthemums, and windbars. Side tattoos, or rib tattoos, are elaborate and eye-catching designs. Both men and women love them, but getting one requires excellent commitment. Fill your torso with an intricate tattoo suit, including solid front Tattoos for men or unique designs for women, even in areas like the armpits.