Top 5 Tattoo Simulators


Many tattoo artists provide temporary stencils before giving you the real thing, but this may only allow for brief glimpses of how a tattoo will look on your skin. This app uses augmented reality to enable you to try on tattoos in real-time. Mark your skin with a pen, and the tattoo will appear instantly!

INKHUNTER allows users to try on Tattoos before committing to permanent ink. With designs ranging from classic floral motifs and symbolic emblems to more modern skull designs and even hand-drawn sketches that can be imported directly for even greater realism, INKHUNTER ensures users find something they like before committing to permanent ink.

Users can upload their custom sketches for testing without risking getting an expensive tattoo. Furthermore, this app allows users to capture photos of their results using built-in filters for reference or sharing with friends for second opinions.

INKHUNTER was developed by a team from Ukraine for iOS devices, taking full advantage of ARkit. This app serves as the ideal companion for those considering getting tattoos or showing their favorite pieces to a tattoo artist, helping people get an accurate representation of their desired Tattoos before making a lifelong commitment. Its motto: “Think Before You Ink.”


Tattoo Maker is an app created to let you try various tattoo designs. It includes both pre-designed tattoos and allows users to upload their own. Features of this application include realistic-looking displays, resizing tools, and different color palettes; its interface is user-friendly.

Getting a tattoo is a serious commitment, so you must find an image that complements you before committing. A tattoo simulator can help you determine whether a design will look great before making a permanent decision.

Some apps provide tattoo-design capabilities, while others focus on photo editing. One such app, Inkhunter, excels at both: its high-quality retouching tools allow users to lengthen and slim their bodies, plus its tattoo design feature helps create realistic-looking images. Finally, there is also a community for tattoo artists that serves as an outlet to share their work.


Tattoos are a timeless form of self-expression, and this AI-powered tattoo simulator makes the experience much more straightforward for users. Users can quickly transform their ideas into artistic designs using uploaded photos or browsing the catalog of over 150 arrangements available in this app; additionally, they can craft stencils of their chosen designs – much like tattoo artists would do!

Fotor is a premier AI-powered tattoo design tool, enabling users to access various design styles like surreal, watercolor, and lettering tattoo designs. Furthermore, its 3D feature allows users to visualize their tattoo in virtual settings before getting it printed on the skin.

This tattoo generator boasts an easy-to-use interface with an extensive color palette for choosing the ideal shades for your tattoo designs. While you can try the tool free of charge, a premium plan starts at $15/mo to access unlimited designs.


Tattoodo is an app beloved by both tattoo enthusiasts and artists. Offering a vast library of constantly updated designs, users can search for Tattoos based on style or body part; moreover, this community-driven application connects tattoo artists together while providing location services to find nearby parlors.

This app offers you a novel experience by turning your smartphone into a virtual lightbox for tracing Tattoos and then helping to transfer designs directly onto the skin, as with professional tattooing services. Unfortunately, only iPhone users are currently supported.

Tattoo artists will find this tool especially useful to show their clients what their designs will look like on different bodies. Its array of tattoo styles and ability to easily change size and color settings provides a realistic representation of your client’s design as they may appear when placed onto different bodies. You can even download your designs as vector files for use elsewhere!