Tattoo planner body

Tattoo Planner Body Art – How to Place Your Tattoo in Harmony With Your Body

One of the key considerations when getting a tattoo is placement. Some prefer their ink to remain concealed so it can easily be covered up, while others may prefer displaying them prominently.


– Tattoo colors make a dramatic, impactful statement about who we are.

– To select a practical design, it is crucial that the chosen hue complements your skin tone and won’t fade quickly.

– Light hues such as sky blue and red work well for fair skin, while darker green and black colors suit darker complexions.

– Inksquad’s color matching feature makes selecting the ideal hues for any sketch or image simple.


– Tattoo fonts offer many choices that will meet your design needs.

– Choose something that speaks volumes about who you are as an individual and the purpose of the design project itself.

– Ladylike BB font and Verognicas are recommended fonts with different styles.

– Alternative tattoo font options include Black Angela.


– Placement is critical in creating the desired tattoo effect, especially with small designs that may be difficult to hide.

– Even beautiful Tattoos may look bad if placed inappropriately.

– Take into consideration its look in different places on your body.

– Use a body map or an app like INKHUNTER to determine the ideal spot for a tattoo.


– Tattoo design apps give you a 360-degree perspective of how a tattoo would look on yourself from every angle.

– Consider visibility when designing a tattoo.

– Choose an area that allows it to be easily seen with different clothing and weather conditions.