Tattoo For Girls on Hand

Tattoos require quite some effort to obtain and may take some time to heal correctly. It’s best to choose a design you love and find visually pleasing. To help you do that, we’ve rounded up some unique hand tattoos that will turn heads!


Roses have long been a timeless tattoo design, but new variations have been introduced over time. The traditional red rose symbolizes love, while yellow flowers signify friendship and contentment. White roses and pink blooms can be chosen for additional beauty in your tattoo design.

One of the most sought-after rose hand tattoo designs features a large blossom that covers the back of your hand. If you want something genuinely distinctive, this option will satisfy you.

Another popular rose hand tattoo idea is a smaller bloom placed at the top of the hand. This romantic design looks fantastic when inked with black ink.

Rose hand tattoos offer the flexibility to be as detailed or straightforward as desired. Choose a minimalistic design covered in black ink, or opt for something more vibrant with water beads.

Once you determine your style and skin tone best, ask your tattoo artist for their opinion.

The rose is a flower with an ancient history and many associated myths. It symbolizes beauty and danger simultaneously – its thorns can be lethal if not taken care of properly, so be cautious when handling them.


Birds hold a special place in our hearts and souls. Their captivating qualities and auras resonate with our emotions, making them an increasingly popular tattoo choice for many.

Are you searching for an eye-catching tattoo that tells your story? Birds could be the perfect choice! These animals evoke many positive emotions, such as freedom and independence.

A popular choice is getting a birds-in-flight tattoo. This design is trendy among girls, representing both nature’s power and the joy of flying.

Tattooing a bird’s beak tattoo is an ideal way to express your affection or support for someone special. You could even add some flowers inside its beak to complete the design.

Hummingbirds are stunning symbols of life and optimism. Their vibrant colors express their joyous spirit, while their feathers signify freedom and bravery.


Women may find anchor tattoos on their wrists to be a cute choice. However, you must exercise caution due to its thin skin and proximity to bone. Nonetheless, this area is perfect for showcasing body art and showcasing your style.

For a brighter design, why not try an anchor with roses? This combination is ideal for women as it’s feminine and beautiful. Plus, its deep meaning conveys the significance of honor, love, and sacrifice.

Safety Pin

The safety pin has long been used in clothing to secure garments together, but its symbolism has since spread through culture, politics, and pop culture.

In the past, rebels and punk rockers donned them to express their counter-culture. Additionally, it became an iconic symbol for protesting against injustices and showing defiance.

Girls on hand can proudly display this design on the back of their neck or lower part of the torso. It is trendy among teens to get their first tattoo, symbolizing their dedication to improving the world.

Many TikTokers have adopted the safety pin design on their bodies to express that they don’t support President-elect Donald Trump or anyone who mistreats people. This trend has gained momentum as people believe that wearing the safety pin demonstrates their solidarity and commitment to those who suffer due to injustice.

Wrist Jewelry

Wrist jewelry tattoos are the perfect choice for women who want to add a touch of class and glamour to their ensemble. Wear them alone or combine them with other bracelets for an even bolder, statement-making style.

Utilizing a bracelet-size guide is an excellent idea. You can use a tape measure, strip of paper, or string to determine your bracelet’s length accurately.

When wearing a wrist bracelet, it should fit comfortably but not be too snug. Make sure there is room between the bracelet and two fingers so they can slip in comfortably. Bangles should be slipped over the entire hand without getting caught in creases on the wrist; otherwise, they could come undone.


A fern is an exquisite plant that can make a lovely addition to your tattoo collection. It carries various symbolic meanings, such as youth and hope for the future.

The fern is a symbol of determination and perseverance. It can grow in seemingly impossible places, like through cracks in rock or high trees.

Women often associate the fern with new beginnings, representing both a fresh start and healing power. After millennia, this plant has been used as medicine.

Fern tattoos come in a range of styles, from simplistic outlines to highly detailed forms. Plus, you have your choice of colors!

This tattoo is ideal for women who want to project femininity but still appreciate the beauty in their bodies. It also works well with those who already have small leg or ankle tattoos.

Fern tattoos are an excellent choice for girls seeking a simple yet elegant design. Not only are they easy to draw, but their natural vertical shape makes them suitable for tattooing on any part of the body, especially as a forearm tattoo, where they can stretch vertically and horizontally to cover this space. But ferns could also work great as leg tattoos, rib tattoos, or back designs.