Stick Poke Tattoo – How to Make a DIY Friendship Tattoo

DIY stick poke tattoos

Are an easy and fun way to express your creativity while celebrating friendships.


Choose from designs like Celtic friendship symbols, interlocking hearts, or initials.

Professional artist

Consult a professional artist if you need more clarification about your design.

Affordable and quick

Stick-poke tattoos are an affordable and creative way to express yourself without breaking the bank. They can be done at home and are quick.

Stick and pokes differ from traditional tattoos, don’t require specific skill levels, and are popular among consumers.

Home Parties

Home parties are a cost-effective alternative to store visits and allow you to enjoy them with friends.

Express yourself

Stick-poke tattoos are inherently rebellious and often stand out from mainstream designs. They are ideal for use on body areas like arms and shoulders.

Stick and poke technique

Hiring an artist who is experienced in hand-poked tattoos and understands the process is crucial.

Character and individualism

Stick-and-poke tattoos offer more character and individualism but may fade faster than machine tattoos.

Psychedelic designs

Bold and fun designs for those who want to show off their creative juices.

Arm poke tattoos

Designs like dot work or geometric patterns are an effective way to stand out.

Meaningful representations

tattoos mark essential events in life and can express emotions and build connections with others.

Research and professional artists

Conduct thorough research and find a professional artist accessing sterile equipment for stick and poke tattoos.

Simple and timeless

Stick poke tattoos are simple yet eye-catching and can be personalized with various designs.

Choosing the right design

Select an ideal design that speaks to you and consider the placement on your body for the best result.


Stick and poke tattoos are less painful than machine tattoos and are ideal for first-timers.

Start simple

Choose a simple and smaller design for your first stick-and-poke tattoo.