How to Make Small Temporary Tattoos at Home

tattoos don’t need to be the crude images you remember from childhood; these detailed sketches should look natural. Start practicing on paper first to master creating smooth strokes without smudging.

Practice on Paper:

To create smooth strokes without smudging, practicing on paper first is best. This will help you master tattooing before moving on to the skin.

Using an Eyeliner Pencil:

You can easily make a small temporary tattoo using an eyeliner pencil at home. This method is ideal for those who want a temporary tattoo before going to a professional parlor. The tattoo made with an eyeliner pencil using toothpaste can last 3-7 days, making it a good option for testing new designs.

Liquid Liner for Detailed Designs:

A liquid liner is an excellent option for creating detailed designs. Its waterproof nature prevents smudging, even during sweat or rain. Use the liner’s tip for thin lines and the side for thicker lines. Add liner along your lash line and up towards the outer corner for a winged effect.

Hairspray for Longevity:

Applying hairspray over temporary tattoos can extend longevity, especially in frequently washed areas like hands. After dabbing the tattoo with powder, apply hairspray to create a glossy or shimmery appearance. Remember to keep a distance of 12 to 16 inches to avoid skin irritation.

Using Stencils:

Stencils are essential tools for creating tattoo images on any surface. They allow for perfect pictures without leaving any mistakes behind. Choose a stencil that suits your working character and cleanse it with rubbing alcohol before applying it to the skin. Using stamping ink to transfer the design onto the skin, let it dry before removing the stencil.

Water Slide Paper for Vibrant Prints:

Water slide decal paper is ideal for creating temporary tattoos. Print designs directly onto the tattoo paper, ensuring to flip any images that contain words or designs that only print one way. Look for transparent and water-resistant paper to achieve crisp, vibrant prints that don’t smudge.


With these techniques, you can easily create small temporary tattoos at home. Whether you want to experiment with designs, express yourself through arts and crafts, or have a temporary tattoo before visiting a professional parlor, these options range from 3-7 days of lasting ink.