small tattoo placement for guys


If you want to get inked, a small tattoo is the perfect way to express yourself without a lot of hassle. Guys typically prefer a small tattoo because they can be placed anywhere. A simple design can be very meaningful, and the smaller the image, the better. Dainty designs are becoming increasingly popular, popping up inside the ears, between fingers, and under the hairline. The placement is important, too, because you will want to be sure it will age well, as men’s skin will fade over time.

When looking for a small tattoo placement for guys, you have plenty of options. Men can get a tiger head. Unlike girls, tigers are not afraid of the idea of showing off their teeth. This tattoo placement is a great choice for guys who want a simple, yet striking piece. The tiger design is a popular choice for men because it can be placed anywhere on the body and is a simple, cartoon-like design. It can be worn openly or cover up, and the image will look great for many years.


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