Small First-Time Tattoos

Becoming the proud owner of your first tattoo is an exciting milestone; choose something you truly love for your permanent reminder! Consider tattooing an elegant flower, like this sunflower or tulip. Alternatively, dandelion or lotus flowers also make great designs. Finally, this crow could make an excellent first choice!


Cross tattoos are a beautiful symbol that represents faith and strength, making it an excellent first choice for novice tattoo artists. Plus, this design can easily accommodate beginners! The wrist is a popular spot for first-timers as it offers minimal pain when getting tattoos. Additionally, this provides the ideal canvas to showcase delicate designs – like links of barbed wire to symbolize bad boy attitude or simply good luck charms.


Flowers like this beautiful lily, lotus flower, or dandelion (even though technically it’s a weed!) make ideal choices for beginners looking for something simple yet attractive that will last throughout their growing process. Be careful when choosing a design with special meaning; its significance could fade over time. Also, ensure that any artist you hire treats you respectfully; remember, this is an investment for life! If they seem rude or dismissive, look elsewhere.


Do you wish to commemorate a particular beach or love the powerful energy of the sea? A wave tattoo can be an elegant yet meaningful choice that celebrates both. Tattooing yourself for the first time can be a fantastic experience; make sure that when selecting your design, it means something meaningful rather than simply looking cool. Your tastes may change, so choose something you will still love, looking at months or years from now.

Palm Tree

Palm trees represent paradise and make a great first tattoo because they’re less intimidating than more complex designs, not to mention less costly than larger tattoos. Palm tree fronds rustling in the wind create an inspiring sound, reminding us of our freedom. Palm trees have long been considered symbols for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as they provide potent messages about these three Abrahamic religions. Once a tattoo has healed, it’s best to avoid swimming and bathing as much as possible, as overexposure to water can pull your ink, leading to its eventual fade and removal.

Drinking Glass

Tattoos can be the ideal way for wine enthusiasts to show their passion and addiction, symbolizing joy and pleasure in equal measure. While relationships may come and go, Tattoos will always represent a specific moment. Here is an example of such an unforgettable memory captured forever with this small sleeve tattoo showcasing its significance to its bearer. Your first tattoo should be placed on an area of the body where pain may not be as intense, such as shoulders, wrists, and calves. Avoid painful spots like necks and faces for best results.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning strikes are potent symbols of power and brilliance that serve as reminders that there is hope around every corner. Sighs can also indicate excitement, emotion, and intuition; some use them to demonstrate their adherence to moral principles. Tattoos can be very contentious symbols as they often represent racism and fascism – the SS (Schutzstaffel of Nazi Germany) being one such example. Before getting inked, it’s essential that you fully understand their meaning before getting a tattoo.


Fruit is an excellent practice subject as its texture more closely mimics human skin, offering ample opportunities to hone your technique and perfect your skill. Lemons, grapefruits, and honeydew melons offer similar surfaces that allow you to hone your craft. Cherry designs are romantic and feminine and often represent love, luck, or serotonin levels in your system (all positive). Additionally, this design boasts simple lines with lots of black shading, which helps novice tattooists learn shading techniques.


Vegetable Tattoos make great first Tattoos if you enjoy fruits and veggies or want something cute and playful. Options could include anything from pizza slices (though we can’t speak to their effectiveness on a small scale) to fries, hamburgers, or even donuts! You could also opt for something like a smiley face as another good first choice, the coordinates of an important location, or even lightning bolts to symbolize brilliance and power!